Meme: Jeremy Irons Worries Marriage Equality Will Lead To Father-Son Marriage, Sony’s “Grown Ups 2″ Resorts To Gaybaiting, and Bill O’Reilly Defends “Bible Thumping” Comment

I really liked Scandal in the first season, but it dropped off my radar, which is evidently a bad thing,James and Cyrus because things have been tense between gay power couple Cyrus and James, to the point of Cyrus putting out a hit on his husband. They’re back this week after a 10-month time jump, and the relationship is rocky. “On the one hand, there’s something unbelievably normal about their working-couple marriage, and it’s irrelevant that we’re both men. On the other hand, we’ve certainly been pushed to limits that not every couple in America’s had to deal with. Whether testifying against your spouse or lying under oath to protect your spouse, those are things that are pretty heightened.”

The National Organization for Marriage’s Ruth Institute put out a notice about a fundraiser, with lots of auction items, including some signed Chicago Bears Brian Urlacher jerseys they got via donation, even saying “and a huge THANK YOU to the Bears for supporting our message.” Of course, that implied the Bears were supporting NOM. Except the Bears weren’t. Brian Urlacher said “I sign a lot of stuff for charity and I don’t always know where it goes. If I would have known it was for this cause, I wouldn’t have done it.” And the Bears themselves said “The two items featured in The Ruth Institute gala invitation were personal donations to Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse. Neither was a club donation, nor do they represent the team’s view on any social issues. Any remarks stating otherwise are false.” Oops.

The BBC brings word of a study about people whose immune systems are able to stay ahead of HIV mutations, and the fact that for the first time, scientists have a roadmap of just how their immune systems handle the mutations, which could be used to train people’s bodies with early Max Mutchnickdetection.

Will & Grace creator Max Mutchnick isn’t happy with the Supreme Court justices and their questioning during the DOMA and Prop 8 hearings. Naturally, he’s most upset with Justice Scalia. “Scalia uses the word “homosexual” the way George Wallace used the word “Negro.” There’s a tone to it. It’s humiliating and hurtful. I don’t think I’m being overly sensitive, merely vigilant. I once had to be vigilant for fear that people would find out what I am. Now I have to be vigilant for fear that I will be discriminated against for what I am. Then, as now, it’s a defense against danger.”

Jeremy Irons worries that marriage equality will have unintended consequences, like fathers marrying their sons. “Could a father not marry his son? It’s not incest between men, since incest is there to protect us from inbreeding, but men don’t breed.” Don’t worry Jeremy, if we call our partner “daddy” we’re being much more figurative.

Two Florida (why is it always Florida) DJs have been suspended and may face felony charges Iain M banksfor telling listeners that dihydrogen monoxide was coming out of water taps on April 1. Of course it was. Dihydrogen monoxide is water, just a formal name for it. But they’ve been suspended indefinitely and may face criminal charges because it’s a crime to call in a false water quality issue, and a minor panic happened from people too stupid to get the joke.

Iain M. Banks is one of my favorite authors. His Culture novels are joys to read. But without the AIs of the Culture to heal him, Banks is dying, with just several months to live. “As a result, I’ve withdrawn from all planned public engagements and I’ve asked my partner Adele if she will do me the honour of becoming my widow (sorry – but we find ghoulish humour helps). By the time this goes out we’ll be married and on a short honeymoon. We intend to spend however much quality time I have left seeing family. and relations and visiting places that have meant a lot to us. Meanwhile my heroic publishers are doing all they can to bring the publication date of my new novel forward by as much as four months, to give me a better chance of being around when it hits the shelves.”

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is going to court to try and keep Virginia’s sodomy law active. Sadly, the case involves a really unsympathetic defendant, but that doesn’t mean Lawrence v Texas shouldn’t apply. Even if the court were to hold that the sodomy statute could be used in cases involving a minor, it could likely be used to harass same-sex couples.

Reports have Glee’s Heather Morris pregnant. This could be an interesting story for Brittany when she graduates.

Kobe BryantI remain horrified by how TMZ is handling Erving Johnson III. It was tacky enough that they called Magic and Cookie Johnson to ask if they “supported” their gay son, but now they’ve asked Laker Kobe Bryant for his opinion, as if it’s any of his business. Still, Kobe came through. “Of course Magic is supportive of and loves his son.  Why should anyone be surprised? What I can’t tolerate is a lack of tolerance.” Are they going to keep asking random people until they find someone connected to the Johnsons that will say something terrible?

North Carolina Tea party legislators have filed a bill, with a total of eleven sponsors, to establish an official state religion of Christianity within the state, citing the 10th Amendment as grounds. The bill includes a recently popular provision that can’t hold up that would prevent judicial review of the bill by federal courts. Do politicians not take civics?


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