Meme: Justin Timberlake Joins Five Timer’s Club, “Arrow” Sizzles, and Why Isn’t Drake Bell In a Speedo On “Splash?”

Can former Saturday Night Live cast member and recent Tea Party, anti-gay, anti-Muslim, Victoria Jacksonanti-Obama nutjob Victoria Jackson make a comeback in Hollywood? She’s certainly going to try. Kelly Leonard, vice president of Second City comedy thinks she can. “Talent wins out. If she has talent, Hollywood will let you do anything.”

Oz the Great and Powerful ended up doing better at the box office than estimated, pulling in $80.4 million, making it the biggest opening since The Hobbit in December.

What happens when the internet gets a photo of Joseph Gordon-Levitt working out? Hilarity, that’s what!

Princess Lilian of Sweden has passed away at the age of 97. Originally a commoner, Princess Lilian was secretly wed to Prince Bertil for 30 years before the marriage became public so as not to threaten the line of succession.

Cats have nJustin Timberlakeo respect for personal property.

With Justin Timberlake pulling double duty as both host and musical guest, Saturday Night Live jumped 23% in the ratings from their last outing. And 2000% in being funny.

While these extra-large condom ads around the world are funny, I can’t understand why no one has adopted Zac Efron dropping a Magnum on the red carpet of TheChristine Quinn Lorax.

I use caffeine to be able to find my keys, my desk, and my wallet. It turns out flowers secrete caffeine to help bees find their way back to the flowers.

We’ve been saying for years that if Republicans want to strengthen marriage, they should work on divorce, not opposing marriage equality. Now some Iowa Republicans are proposing just that, introducing a bill that would make it illegal for parents of minor children to use no-fault divorces, instead having to prove adultery, abuse, or abandonment. While still horribly wrong, at least they’re listening.

Stephen AmellChristine Quinn has officially launched her bid to become the first openly gay mayor of New York City. Quinn leads virtually all polls, with a high profile as City Council Speaker for seven years. If she has a liability, it’s not that she’s a married lesbian, it’s that she’s seen as too friendly to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who people love to hate.

Shockingly, Greg Berlanti cast Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in Arrow without ever seeing him with his shirt off. The first tape he saw of Amell shirtless, he thought it was a stuntman. “This guy is really ripped.”

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