Meme: Kevin Smith vs. Giant Rapturing Jesus, Imran Khan Takes On Homophobia In India, Tim Tebow Finds a Job


I’ve been meaning to post this video from Imran Khan for days. He takes on stupid questions about being gay and India’s Section 377 with satire, and it’s pretty good. I had no idea that was why I did those things. But I do wish he hadn’t given out the details of our conversion technology.

I’ve alway thought that if I won the lottery I’d build a big, modern house, except for one room, which would be a classic library with floor to ceiling bookcases and a roaring fireplace, complete with a lazy basset hound to lie on my feet while I read in front of the fire. But here we can see that basset hounds don’t just lie around, they can run. And it is glorious!

This is Grace Jones and designer Philip Treacy arriving at Chateau Marmont, just being their fabulous selves. And when you’re Grace Jones, that’s more fabulous than everyone else.

When your brother gets married, you have to find the perfect gift to celebrate him and his new husband. And repurposing a popup book of Bert and Ernie is about the most perfect gift in the world.

Why do superheroes wear their underwear on the outside of their uniforms? Well, first of all, it’s not underwear. And if they’re from another planet, who are you to judge their customs? But seriously, there was a reason, lost in time.

Doug Stanhope is a comedian and general crank who likes to rile people up. So when he saw Wolf Blitzer ask an Oklahoma tornado survivor if you thanked God for surviving and she was brave enough to respond that she was an atheist, he saw an opportunity to prove that you don’t need religion to support a good cause. So he set up an IndieGogo campaign to help the atheist who was brave enough to stand up to prevailing soundbites, and it succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.

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