Meme: Finding a Home Team For Michael Sam, Matt Bomer Considers Ken Doll for “Magic Mike 2,” Alexander Skarsgård Dons Loincloth for “Tarzan”


One would generally think a commercial for lube would be sexy, like an Andrew Christian underwear ad. But Gun Oil (which is a wonderful product that I love) went a different way for Valentine’s Day, and I completely approve. Ads for our community can be more than just sexy, even if the product is, well, sexy. But I still want more Andrew Christian ads. And PetitQ ads.

Jon Stewart decided to take on Michael Sam‘s coming out on his show, and basically nails it. The NFL really does seem to be backed into a corner on the PR front for drafting him.

Being a gay journalist is depressing sometimes. I report on a lot of bad news, bigoted people, and long, drawn out legal issues. It’s easy to be discouraged, and there are times my family worries about my mood. Then something wonderful happens, like this stop-motion video produced by a 7th grader, and you have a bit of hope for future generations.

Anti-gay activist Randy Thomas says that Valentine’s Day is just for the straight people. Which is fine with me personally. I’m just in it for the discount candy on February 15th.

I’m getting excited about the webseries Caper, and frankly, I already ship these two so hard.

I’m really sorry to do this to you, but I watched it, and I’m afraid I just have to share the pain with you. Rapper Buck 22 has teamed up with Billy Ray Cyrus for a rap version of “Achy Breaky 2″ along with a bad 1980s space alien video. I know you don’t want to watch, but you know that you can’t resist a trainwreck like this. Click on it. You have no choice.

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