Meme: Parker Young Has “Enlisted,” White House Takes Unique Angle On Prop 8, and Daniel Radcliffe Says “Yes, Master”

We’ll be having a liveblog of Days of Our Lives today, so you can go into your weekend dreaming of all that WilSon goodness.Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe has signed up to play Igor in the upcoming Frankenstein. He’s got the height to play the role, but I can’t imagine them managing to ugly him up enough for the role.

ABC has optioned How To Survive a Plague as a miniseries with David France scripting the story of the early AIDS struggle, with a focus on 1987-1996.

The White House filed their brief in the Prop 8 case, but took some curious arguments. Basically the thrust seems to be focused on states that provide virtually the same rights under civil union/domestic partner laws, but choose to reserve marriage for opposite sex couples, creating a separate but equal. Generally speaking, this doesn’t strive towards a national right to marriage, but applies mostly to states that have gone halfway. Personally, I see this as a dangerous strategy for states willing to go partway as a stepping stone.

Brendon AyanbadejoAmong the other briefs filed with the court, and there were many, Chris Kluwe and Brendon Ayanbadejo also filed, saying “Sports figures receive a celebrity status that influences a large majority of the American population. For far too long, professional sports have been a bastion of bigotry, intolerance, and small-minded prejudice toward sexual orientation, just as they had been to racial differences decades earlier. That is finally changing, and changing drastically.”

Gary Oldman has signed up for the leader of the human resistance in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Carol Burnett has signed up to play Wendy Malick’s mother on Hot In Cleveland, a legendary local television anchor and puppeteer. Her episode will reunite her with Tim Conway, who is returning to the show.

Kanye West is bashing Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, and any musician with an endorsement deal, meaning he must have something to sell coming up soon.Golden Girls Sister of the Bride

Long ago, before Desperate Housewives, Marc Cherry was a junior writer for the Golden Girls. He shares fond memories of the stars and their personalities, along with his favorite episode. “The one where Blanche’s brother brings home a gay cop ["Sisters of the Bride"]. My writing partner and I wrote that one episode. We were young writers, and we got to say a little something about gay rights and how gay people see themselves. It was about two men getting married, which is something people at the time didn’t talk about. And it was a really funny episode. That was also the moment in our careers when we figured out we needed to get unlisted phone numbers. Some homophobic people found my writing partner’s number in the phone book and left the most hideous, hateful messages on his machine. And he was terribly upset.”

Scientists have figured out how to train a mouse in Brazil to do a task, read the electrical signal in the brain, and transmit that to a mouse that has no training in North Carolina, who then performs the same task perfectly. As long as they stick to mice and don’t allow cats to have an instantly trained army with perfect command and control, I think this is pretty cool.

Guys Gone WildGirls Gone Wild has filed for bankruptcy, citing as a major debt a court judgment by Wynn Hotels for slander and a judgment against them by a woman who says they used naked pictures of her without permission. Does this mean we get no more naked frat boys in Guys Gone Wild?

Is Grindr now a hunting ground for “straight” guys who are looking for a one-off? And should we care that we’ll never see them again? Is Grindr really about making connections, or a tool to get off?

After months of stalling, the House finally passed the GLBT-inclusive Violence Against Women Act, 286-138. Basically, they couldn’t muster a majority of Republicans willing to vote for the bill, and Speaker Boehner dropped his informal rule of not bringing bills to a vote unless he could guarantee that just to get this political albatross off their necks. Maybe he’ll try doing that again.

Bradley Manning pleaded guilty to ten lesser counts of leaking classified information and such, and not guilty to aiding the enemy. He’ll get two years each for the ten counts, and requested a trial by judge, not jury on the rest. He has been held in prison under conditions that the U.N. called torture for over 1,000 days.Parker Young

Noooo! Parker Young has signed on for the Fox comedy Enlisted, about brothers working together on a small Army base on Florida. He’s reportedly signed on in first position, meaning should the show get picked up, there will be no more abtastic Ryan Shea on Suburgatory. They better do a lot of shirtless calisthenics on this show!

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