Meme: Samuel L. Jackson Wants President Obama To “F*cking Conjugate,” Nick Adams and Matt Doyle Join The Skivvies, “Atlantis” Confuses Me


Bryan Fischer bullies a teenager, Scott Lively takes credit for Russia, Eddie Izzard prepares to run for Mayor of London

John BarrowmanBecause I can’t find a decent way to display the series of photos, you’ll just have to go look at the perfect joy that is John Barrowman building an adult Big Wheel, then riding said Big Wheel. His life is so much more fun than mine.

Coming down from that high, the Family Research Council says that marriage equality threatens the wellbeing of countless families. The whole thing is worth a read, but I liked this passage best. “Consensual homosexual unions might cause no apparent distress to persons proximate to them, but they diminish an institution – marriage – without which, civilization will erode ever more quickly. And in case one hasn’t noticed, natural marriage in the United States is in enough trouble as it is.” Sounds like a personal problem to me.

YouTube is making a serious upgrade to the comments section, which will now allow threaded comments, private discussions, and allow creators to institute a banned list of words that will send the comments into a limbo state until they’re reviewed and approved. It should make everything less homophobic, sexist and racist.

Ryan Spahn Michael UrieIn the Buzzfeed column “Tell Us About Your Self(ie), Michael Urie reveals his crushes, with Ryan Spahn taking top honors of course, and Matthew James Thomas from Pippin a close second.

Blue is the Warmest Color director Abdellatif Kechiche has been trashed by the stars of the film, and the crew has chimed in to complain about the working conditions, and how Kechiche has had enough. “According to me, the film shouldn’t be released. It has been soiled too much. The Palme d’Or had been a brief moment of happiness; then I’ve felt humiliated, dishonored, I felt rejected, I live it like I’m cursed.”

We hear a lot (and we should) about female victims of sexual assault, but now as part of Project Unbreakable, male victims of sexual assault share quotes from their stories, and it’s really powerful stuff.Sir Elton John

snicks has mentioned Sir Elton John’s attempts to explain his decision to perform in Russia, but maybe Sir Elton should reconsider, because the anti-gay activists don’t want him there in the first place. Yuri Ageshchev says “The statement by this gay guy — Elton John — about his support for gays and other perverts during the upcoming concert in Moscow is an insult to all Russian citizens. It also makes a mockery of our recently enacted law against the public propaganda of gay ideas.”

The Senate unanimously approved Todd Hughes to the U.S. Appellate Court, becoming the first openly gay appellate judge in the nation. Meanwhile, Senator Marco Rubio, attempting to regain the conservative spotlight after the failure of immigration reform, has withdrawn support for Judge William Thomas, effectively killing the nomination of what would have been the first openly gay black judge on the federal bench. Rubio cited judicial temperament and sentencing issues, but most people see this as a political move to appeal to his conservative base.

Samuel L. JacksonSamuel L. Jackson thinks that President Obama should stop trying to relate to people by dropping his speech patterns and act presidential. “Look, I grew up in a society where I could say ‘It ain’t’ or ‘What it be’ to my friends. But when I’m out presenting myself to the world as me, who graduated from college, who had family who cared about me, who has a well-read background, I f**king conjugate.”

Much is being made of new maps from the CDC that show that 92% of all new HIV infections (with a startling number in my general area) are in 25% of the U.S. counties. My mostly rural area aside, I don’t see these maps as all that revolutionary. Basically they highlight population centers. But advocates say it will allow targeting of dwindling funds for treatment and prevention.

A new Channel 4 show in the UK will have couples having sex live inside an opaque box, then emerging to discuss the experience on camera. A gay couple, in a long term relationship have signed on to participate. The idea is to use Sex Box to “reclaim sex from pornography.”

Eddie Izzard has announced plans to run for Mayor of London in 2020. I can’t wait to see what he wears to his inauguration. I honestly hope he goes with a dress, just to Eddie Izzardshake things up.

If you recall, M.I.A. performed at the Super Bowl with Madonna back in 2012, and she gave the middle finger to the camera, which was a big no-no in her contract. The NFL has been suing her for $1.5 million for the breach, which M.I.A. thinks is ridiculous. “It’s a massive waste of time, a massive waste of money, it’s a massive display of powerful corporation dick-shaking,”

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