Meme: Showering with One Direction, the Village People Sing Praises of Miracle Whip, and Is Marc Jacobs Secretly Heterosexual?

Could the latest backlash against Orson Scott Card and DC Comics turn out to be a problem for Ender’s Game? Ender's GamePeople involved with the film say no. “Orson’s politics are not reflective of the moviemakers. We’re adapting a work, not a person. The work will stand on its own.” Still rival studio executives think that you can’t bring Card out to major events like Comic-Con without sinking the movie. “I don’t think you take him to any fanboy event. This will definitely take away from their creative and their property.”

The White House says that no decision has been made on whether President Obama will weigh in with the Supreme Court concerning Prop 8. Briefs filed by the administration could be influential in both the Prop 8 case and the DOMA case, U.S. v. Windsor.

The Puerto Rico high court has voted 5-4 to restrict the rights of gay couples to adopt children.

But at least Virginia has finally repealed the law making it illegal for two people of any gender to cohabitate and have sex out of wedlock. While the law is rarely enforced, it has been used as recently as the 1990s.

And a local newspaper in Mississippi has come out swinging to defend their right to cover the wedding of a lesbian couple, which they ran on the front page. “We were well aware that the majority Flying Spaghetti Monsterof people in Jones County are not in favor of gay marriage. However, any decent newspaper with a backbone can not base decisions on whether to cover a story based on whether the story will make people angry.The job of a community newspaper is not pretending something didn’t take place or ignoring it because it will upset people. No, our job is to inform readers what is going on in our own and let them make their own judgments. That is exactly what we did with the wedding story.”

In New Jersey, a man refused to take a spaghetti strainer off his head for his DMV photo, saying that religious headdresses are allowed, and he is a practicing “pastafarian”. After police were call, he eventually removed the strainer for his picture. Why isn’t this religious persecution?

Bill Donohue at the Catholic League is outraged that How To Survive a Plague is headed to the Oscars. After calling AIDS a “self inflicted disease” he goes on to mock the film. “Though the movie was made to garner admiration, it accomplishes nothing of the sort. But it does elicit pity, especially for Ray Navarro. He liked to dress up as Jesus and was known to be off the wall, but the footage of him in his dying days is truly moving. There he is, in a wheelchair, knowing he was finished, saying, ‘There are many years to come. Let’s hope. So, what the hell—life is worth living. Isn’t it?’ The poor devil died at the age of 46.” Bill Donohue is one of God’s Gentle Children.

NewNowNext SexPERT (and recent AfterElton contributor) Conner Habib has taken a turn writing (and starring) in Naked Sword’s porn Conner habibparody The Cover Up, about the new ban on nudity in public in San Francisco. “The series tends to be a bit more topical, and I’ve never written a movie before. But porn has historically been used as political satire, and we felt very strongly about this issue.”

Faith in humanity restored

Nicholas Cage must have finally paid off all his tax debts, because he’s dropped major cash on a tomb to rest in once he passes that just so happens to be shaped like a pyramid.

Is Marc Jacobs secretly heterosexual? If so, I can truly appreciate the distance he’s willing to go to hide it.

ThomasJulian Fellows thinks that giving the members of the household staff varying reactions to Thomas coming out on Downton Abbey was the only option. “Well, I think it’s a mistake to give people modern attitudes if you want them to remain sympathetic, because I think the audience picks up on that. If Carson had said, ‘Oh, yes, I think it’s absolutely fine,’ that’s a 2013 response.”

A Turkish court has ruled that gay sex is not unnatural, and does not warrant prison for depiction, as in pornography. The ruling directly contradicts a prior ruling by the Turkish high court, but cites the existence of marriage equality in North America and Europe as reasons that gay sex is not “unnatural.”

Frank Ocean says that he has about ten songs ready for his next album, which will also be a cohesive concept piece, much like Channel Orange.

Conan O’Brien has been tapped to host the Nerd Prom, also known as the White House Correspondents Dinner. No word on whether the Masturbating Bear will be his plus one.

The President’s Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS passed an advisory resolution last week asking the Justice Department and the Department of Health and Human Services to work with federal agencies and states to repeal HIV persecution laws by providing guidance and incentives.

A man wrote in to the AP to advise them that he and his husband used the term “husband” so that should they write about him at any point in the future, they would know that in accordance with their guidance, he and his spouse referred to each other as husband and the AP should follow suit. I wonder how many same-sex couples need to bombard the email addresses in the article before the AP gives in?Penny Arcade

Friends with Menefits

A proposed law in California would strip any nonprofit of their tax exempt status if they didn’t comply with the state’s nondiscrimination policies, targeting the Boy Scouts. I’m split on the issue, because 1) Bwahahahaha!; and 2) I don’t want to turn them into bigger martyrs than they already are. Yes, I remember what I said about churches. It applies here too, as does the martyr comment. I don’t want to subsidize hate with my taxes.


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