Meme: Stephen Fry Heads To American Television, Michael Urie’s “He’s Way More Famous Than You,” and Hitler Selected As the Pope

From my Irish heart to you, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Out boxer Orlando Cruz has won his second fight since coming out, defeating Orlando CruzAaron Martinez in a 6th round technical knockout. Cruz wore his trademark boxing kilt, made of two flags, the Puerto Rican flag on one side, and a Pride flag on the other.

Forbes has released their annual Most Influential Celebrities list, topped by Oprah Winfrey. The only out celebrity on the list is Suze Orman, who I admit, I never think about.

Oz the Great and Powerful is cruising to another box office win with $42 million, followed by Halle Berry‘s The Call at $17 million, with Burt Wonderstone coming in a disappointing third with $11 million.

The new edition of American Horror Story will have the subtitle Coven, and will shoot on location for the first time, in New Orleans. Ryan Murphy says he’s also considering a spin-off series, which some Stephen Fryare reporting would be vampire-centric.

Stephen Fry has signed on to the CBS pilot Super Clyde, opposite Rupert Grint. Grint will be playing an unassuming fast food worker, who decides to become a super hero. Fry will play his sidekick, Randolph, the butler. Unexplained is how a fast food worker has a butler.

The BFI has unearthed South, a previously unknown television play that aired in 1959. What makes it so remarkable is that, set against the backdrop of the American Civil War, it involves a dashing Polish lieutenant exiled to the south who isn’t sure who he loves, the daughter of a plantation owner, or the newly arrived Eric MacClure. Airing a full two years before Victim, which was previously thought to be the first depiction of gays on television, it stars Peter Wyngarde, who was a gay actor. The play will screen this weekend at the BFI’s Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. h/t Allan

The Rhode island Senate is set to consider two marriage bills on Thursday, both with significant religious protections. Another bill would send the issue to the voters in 2014, and carve out exemptions for religious organizations, affiliated organizations (Knights of Columbus), as well as business owners with religious beliefs, like bakers and florists, as well as end nondiscrimination protections. Thanks?

The Lee Boys was one of two musical acts scheduled for the National Organization for Marriage’s march in Washington, D.C. this month, but they’ve dropped out after discovering what NOM advocates, thanks to Jeremy Hooper.

Speaking of, the Supreme Court has granted the Solicitor General’s request for speaking time during the Prop 8 hearing.Daniel Cudmore

Bryan Singer has announced the return of Colossus for X-Men Days of Future Past, played by Daniel Cudmore, who makes nice eye candy. Sadly, I doubt we’re dealing with Ultimate Colossus.

Feel the Christian love.

In the “you can’t make this shit up” department, Showtime has cast Hitler as the Pope. Seriously, Bruno Ganz of Downfall, has been cast as the Pope in The Vatican. Downfall of course, is most famous for being lipdubbed to death with Hitler ranting about any given subject.

Now that Colton Haynes has been made a series regular in Arrow, what can we expect from his character, Roy Harper? Depending on which comic you read, he could become Speedy, beloved sidekick to Oliver, or a heroin addict. And yes, evidently we can have both, too.Freddie Mercury

In Kickstarter news, Joss Whedon will not be using Kickstarter to make a new Firefly movie, and he knew he was going to be asked as soon as he saw the Veronica Mars news. On the other hand, Bryan Fuller is seriously considering it for Pushing Daisies, and Zachary Levi is mulling it over for Chuck.

I already have serious doubts about Sacha Baron Cohen playing Freddie Mercury, and adding Les Mis’ Tom Hooper as director really isn’t helping. Plus, there are rumors that rather than use actual Freddie Mercury audio for performances, Cohen might actually try and sing himself (outside of Adam Lambert, most people who attempt Mercury fail miserably), and if Hooper decides to have Cohen sing live, well, we know how that turns out.


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