Men of the 2012 Hot 100 Respond. Plus, Our First Ever Hot 100 Live Event!

Another year, another Hot 100! This marks the sixth time we’ve asked our readers to rank the male celebrities they think are “hot.” It’s a big deal being on our Hot 100 list, an exclusive club so to speak. Increasingly in recent years, the men who grace our list take notice and appreciate the fans and supporters who voted for them.

Now that the results have been announced, we’ve heard both via Twitter and also directly from many of our Hot 100 men. I’m sure we’ll hear from others over the next couple weeks, but thought I’d round up and share with you the many gracious responses so far.

But before we get to that, I’ve got some big news. On July 16th at the W Hotel in Hollywood our Hot 100 is making the leap to the physical world! Yes, it’s our First Annual Hot 100 Party!

This year, in partnership with sister site and parent company Logo we’ll be hosting a coed event in L.A. to celebrate the men and women of AfterElton and AfterEllen’s respective Hot 100. (So I guess it’s the Hot 200? That’s a lot of beautiful people.) More details to come, like the charity we’re partnering with, the music artist who will be performing, etc. So stay tuned.

And now, on to reactions from some of our most gracious Hot 100 guys. This is why we sorta love them…




Perrennial AfterElton favorite John Barrowman had this to say: “I’m always thrilled to be voted onto the Hot 100 list, especially this year. I’m proud to raise my flag behind Captain America.”

We think you rock, John, and please plant your flag any time!

Yes Eddie, we really do!


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