“Merlin” 5.04 Recap: “Funny Feelings”

Our scene opens on a picturesque-looking kingdom in flames. Hmm. Seems as if Universal might finally be getting serious about its rivalry with Walt Disney World (where your intrepid recapper used to work, believe it or not). No, actually, Morgana and this week’s minion-du-jour, Odin, have decided that Camelot may be too tough to pick on right now, so they go beating up on its lesser-endowed (militaristically speaking) neighbor, Nemeth.

After their victory, Morgana tells Odin that now they are ready to take on Camelot. Odin, realizing that it is his army that will be doing the heavy lifting here, wonders what’s in it for him? To which Morgana replies, “Arthur, to do with as you wish…” I don’t know about Odin, but that would sure motivate me!

In Camelot, Sir Leon is surprised to see a pair of riders arriving after dark—good thing he left the porch light on! It turns out to be Mithian, princess of Nemeth, and her faithful servant Hilda. Mithian is “deathly” ill, and she is rushed to Gaius for care. It’s touch and go for a moment, but luckily for her the leeches and the blood-letting seem to do the trick. Arthur wishes to see her, but Merlin stops him, flat out telling him he cannot.

When Arthur asserts his rights, Merlin replies, “Who died and made you boss?” To which Arthur rejoins, “Uther.” Actually, Arthur teases Merlin about having fun bossing him around for a change (“Feels good, does it?”) and Merlin replies with a cute little half-smile and says, “Not unpleasant.” Adorable! These two really are quite cute together.

Alone in her room, Mithian rests in her bed while her faithful servant hovers nearby. Only it turns out her faithful servant is really Morgana, using an aging spell that makes her look like a cross between Joan Rovers and a gargoyle. Incidentally, that looks pretty much exactly like Joan Rivers.

It seems Morgana is holding Mithian’s father, King Rodor (which I’m pretty sure was a name of one of my He-Man figures when I was a kid) hostage so that Mithian will “cooperate” with Morgana’s evil plan. Mithian meets with Arthur and pleads for his aid: “You’re my only hope, Obi-Wan Blonde-obi.” She tells Arthur that her father is holed up in a tomb just across the border, and that Odin is looking for him. Frankly her tale has more holes in it than Manti Te’o’s “I didn’t know she was my fake girlfriend” story, but who I am to judge?

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