Milestone gay film “The Boys in the Band” to be released on DVD November 11

One of the most iconic (and impossible-to-find) films of gay cinema will finally be released on DVD November 11th. The Boys in the Band was released in 1970, and over the years has been both reviled and revered by gay viewers.

"The Boys in the Band," according to press notes, "follows a group of gay male friends as they come together in a New York City apartment for a birthday party. When an unexpected guest arrives and the truth begins to flow as freely as the cocktails, it leads to a sometimes vulgar but ultimately open and honest dissection of their lives and relationships."

It’s all that, and more. It’s bitter, sarcastic, witty, depressing, joyous, and very much a product of its time.

The DVD will include lots of bonus features, including an interview and commentary track from its Oscar-winning director, William Friedkin. We interviewed Friedkin last year about another controversial gay-themed film he directed, Cruising, and he had some … interesting things to say, so it should be fascinating to hear what he has to say about this gay film.

Other bonus features of the DVD include:

A documentary about the creation of the play

A documentary about the making of the film and the enduring power of both it and the play

Interviews with playwright/screenwriter Matt Crowley, executive producer Dominick Dunne, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Tony Kushner and cast members Peter White and Laurence Luckinbill

We’re interested in hearing your thoughts about the DVD release. Will you buy it, or do you think The Boys in the Band should be locked in a time capsule and never seen again?

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