“Misfits” 3.08: Simon’s Lot

We begin, as we often do, at the Community Center. There, Simon watches from afar as a Medium holds court in the main activity area, bringing messages from the dead to the very living audience members. Suddenly, he points to Simon and tells him that he has a message for him from… Sally. Simon is freaked out, considering that Sally is probation worker he accidentally killed in the first season of the show

The Medium tells him that Sally has just one question for him. She just wants to know…”Why?” Simon backs into the hallway, terrified. Suddenly a door closes behind him. He could swear that he saw someone walk through it. He follows, spying a woman just down the hall towards the exit door. She turns towards him. It’s Sally. Wordlessly, she exits. Simon chases after her but when he opens the door, she’s gone.

Simon finds Alisha and tells her that he’s just seen a ghost. Rudy, listening in, hears as ‘goat’, which is ridiculous. Zombie cats, yes. But goats?

Little does he know that, in the distance, Sally is watching.

Meanwhile, Kelly pays a visit to Seth’s office but she’s none too happy. Seth is still dealing powers. This is highly upsetting to Kelly because it was power dealing that led to Seth’s dead girlfriend coming back to life and attempting to turn her into a flesh-eating monster. Yes, I just got paid to write that sentence. Ka-ching!

Seth tells her that his last customer just wanted the power to make beverages caffeinated (which is a cool power) but Kelly is wise and points out that she once knew a psychopath who murdered people by telepathically controlling dairy products.

Seth reminds her that he earns his money this way and, oh dear, tells her that she doesn’t seem to mind it when he’s spending that cash on her. Since Kelly has no anger issues whatsoever, she calmly throws a chair at his head and calls him a “dick”. She storms out.

At Simon’s loft, his vision gets all tunneled the way it does when he’s seeing something in the future. In his future vision, he’s visited by Sally again. She asks why she killed him before she could repay him what he’s owed, which is a kiss that she promptly delivers.

Simon snaps out of it when Alisha walks into the room. With an extremely guilty look on his face and, presumably, a future boner, Simon tells her that he’d never do anything to hurt her.

“That sounds like you’re about to do something that’s going to hurt me,” she replies. Simon reassures her that he’s not. Alisha is dubious but lets the weird matter drop.

The next day, at the center, the gang arrives for duty — but seeing as they have lost their fourth Probation Worker, their duties remain unclear. Rudy is busily using a fire extinguisher to break into the vending machine. But, as with most things involving Rudy, the vending machine is getting the better of him.

Simon is in the bathroom washing up when Sally reappears.

“You’re supposed to be dead,” Simon tells her.

“That Medium guy brought me back,” she replies.

She apologizes for using him and his feelings about her to find out what happened to Tony, or Proby-Prime, if you will. If you recall, Sally and Tony were once engaged to be married until the gang killed him when the super storm turned Tony into a hulking murder machine.

She explains that she must have some unfinished business, otherwise, why would she be back. That unfinished business, she reasons, must be her feelings for Simon.

Alisha calls for him out in the hall. She deduces that Alisha and Simon are an item, which is a tad distressing for a ghost bent on getting back together with the teenage crush who impaled her skull. Simon leaves, but not before Sally makes him promise not to tell the others she’s still around.

The Medium arrives at the center and is confronted by the gang about bring back their supposed-to-be eternally sleeping grudge matches. He tries to lie his way out of things, but even Rudy doesn’t believe him. And when Rudy doesn’t fall for a lie, you’re real and truly f–ked.

Realizing that he’s not going to be able to get away without telling them the truth, he explains that before the storm, he was a fake Medium and after the storm, his powers enabled him to bring the dead back to finish their unfinished business.


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