ACLU Wants Cam and Mitchell To Marry, The Wanted Might Dabble, Jason Bourne Mounts Gordon Gekko


Carl Sagan’s Cosmos wasNeil deGrasse Tyson one of the most popular series to ever air on PBS, and is due for an update, and there’s no one I can think of to do it better than Neil deGrasse Tyson, who will bring the series to Fox in 2014, which will oddly be produced by Seth MacFarlane.

In Sweden, a man has died after having sex with a hornets’ nest. I’m all for indulging your kinks, but exactly what is sexy about having sex with a hornets’ nest?

You really have to see the campaign just unleashed in Belize to protect that country’s sodomy law from being struck down. It’s about as crazy as these things get.

James DeenI’ve been both disgusted and oddly drawn to the story behind Teen Mom Farrah Abraham making a sex tape with porn star James Deen. The delusional reality star finds a way to look down on porn stars, when she’s become a porn actress herself, which is a marvelous act of denial on her part. “I feel like James want to date me, but I don’t trust him. And I don’t want to date a porn star. This was a one-time moment for me. But now that I’ve seen the footage in full, doing something with me was probably, like, the highlight of his life.” No, dear, it was a job. A job he’s done thousands of times.

Disney is denying that it was making over MeridaBrave’s Merida in princess fashion, and says the sparkly, busty version of the Scottish princess is just for a limited edition set of merchandise, and they aren’t making her over permanently. Meanwhile, the petition has 200,000 signatures demanding they take Merida back to her original style.

The National Transportation Safety Board is recommending that the maximum blood alcohol content for a DUI be reduced to .05, from the current national standard of .08. I would never advocate drinking and driving, but that drops you down to one drink with dinner.

Shakira says that she won’t be returning to The Voice next season, that it’s time to make some music and be a mom. “And I really enjoyed The Voice, but I also have a musical career and I’m also a mother now and my poor Warwick Rowingbaby’s so tired flying such long distances. He already has more miles than any pilot.”

The new GLBT athletic center in Birmingham will be opened by the Warwick Rowers, the college team that posed naked for a calendar to raise money for Ben Cohen’s StandUp Foundation.

The ACLU is launching a drive to let Cam and Mitchell get married on Modern Family. I think the timing is interesting, with Prop 8 likely to be struck down next month. Jesse Tyler Ferguson has tweeted that he loves the idea of a wedding, as soon as it becomes legal in California, where the show is set.Cam Mitchell

Three days before the National Organization for Marriage started screaming about the IRS leaking their tax return, Maggie Gallagher wrote that “a low-level employee … released NOM’s private tax-return information to a guy claiming to be a NOM employee, who then posted it on the Internet.” That doesn’t sound promising for NOM suing the IRS, which they’re already fundraising on.

The Wanted got asked about Lance Bass’ statement that boy bands always have one gay member, causing Jay McGuiness to joke “I think most of us would probably have a dabble.” That The Wanteddisappointingly caused Tom Parker to pipe up “Speak for yourself” since he obviously finds the perception of his heterosexuality more important than a joke for good press.

At the TNT upfronts, Conan O’Brien joked about Senator John McCain’s bill to allow a la carte pricing for television channels, claiming the Arizona Republican said “why should I pay for 100 channels when I only watch Logo and BET?” Who knew that Senator McCain was a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race?

And One Million Moms is claiming victory for getting The New Normal cancelled, along with other gay content shows.

Stephen Soderberg says that Matt Damon’s choice to do Behind the Candelabra Matt Damonwas a bit surprising to him, but “Matt doesn’t have anything to protect. That’s not how he makes his decisions. He makes his decisions based on whether he’s engaged by the piece or not. If it turns out to be something that’s really gonna push him as a performer, even better. And Michael, he was just fearless. They both are. The movie just doesn’t work if they don’t both literally join hands and jump off the cliff. It’s intimate stuff, even if it was a guy and a girl. But for a lot of people it’ll be hard to see Jason Bourne on top of Gordon Gekko.”

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