More on the “Revenge” Cut Kiss, the Emily/Victoria Bitchfest and “The Nolan”

Tyler (Ashton Holmes) has proven to be a master manipulator
even with his friend Daniel (Joshua Bowman)

Nothing like a kiss between two men that ends up on the cutting room floor to stir up AfterElton readers, as it did earlier this week when I excerpted a snippet from my Mike Kelley chat about the ABC hit soap Revenge.

However, many of you didn’t stop there.

Besides Kelley’s answer about the Tyler/Nolan kiss we didn’t get to see, many of you also nailed me (and rightly so, I will be the first to admit, in looking back at our chat) for not pushing deeper to make Kelley see the errors of his editing ways. As you’ll read, Kelley, the creator and Executive Producer of the series, explained where he was coming from in editing out the kiss and even cops to having made the decision himself and not laying it off on the network. He also discussed the bitch-tastic scenes between Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe as well as a potential new hair craze coming from one of the Revenge characters.

I suspect that after you read the full interview below many of you will have a similar response to what you saw in the Jim Says column on Monday, but you may want to check back here tomorrow to hear what Ashton Holmes, the actor who plays devious Tyler on the series, had to say about the missing kiss in the November 2nd episode as well as an intimiate moment involving Tyler and another male character that was also cut.

Gabriel Mann, Emily VanCamp and creator Mike Kelley
talking up Revenge at the TCA press tour this summer.

JH: I want to ask you about the Nolan (Gabriel Mann) and Tyler story that came down in the last episode. There’s always more than a little sensitivity when there’s a kiss between two people of the same sex but there’s suddenly a cutaway. How did that decision come down?
MK: The kiss wasn’t, for me, as interesting as the intention. Having written Swingtown [the short-lived CBS series about swingers living in the 1970s] and gone through trying to depict and broadcast sexuality so that it’s satisfying for myself, the network and the viewers, it’s a really tricky line to tow. I’ve always been a fan of seeing which two people go into the bedroom and shut the door than seeing what goes on behind that closed door. I’m not trying to…I don’t have any hang-ups on kissing no matter who is kissing whom. I think that when you know what’s going on in there, what the intention is…there was a really great cutaway with the movement of Tyler and how he was pushing into Nolan and coming right out of that there was a push of Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) walking into the [Grayson] dinner as she’s saying ‘I have no idea where Tyler is.’

The actual movement, for me was beautiful and I liked that. I think, as you know, it’s quite clear that they ended up in bed together and it wasn’t staying away from that and it wasn’t a network note. They were fine with whatever we chose to broadcast. I just thought ‘Let’s hold off and let’s make the scene look beautiful.’ There’s plenty more coming so don’t you worry. I’ve done a show where sex is at its center and it’s really about the fallout from it and the coming together of people and that…there will be some surprising sexual turns for Victoria. There will be romance and passion and all that stuff that you liked about prime time soaps. And we’ve always got our shirtless boys and girls in bikinis.

JH: The scene did seem to play up the manipulation and did not just merely become about the sexuality of Tyler and Nolan.
I think that’s a really astute observation. When Nolan reveals that he’s a 3 on the Kinsey scale and Tyler basically calls him out as a lonely guy it doesn’t get the attention you would think you would get. Tyler reveals himself not as gay but when he’s asked if he’s gay he goes ‘Eh!’ as his answer and then ‘Hustler? Maybe.’ I think I’d take a little more care if it was a coming out story but these guys, especially Tyler, are a bit dark and despicable. He uses people and he uses what he has to manipulate people, so this is a manipulation. It wasn’t so much about any kind of sexuality. It was more about power and manipulation.

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