Morning Meme: Adam Carolla Mouths Off, Adam Levine Strips Down, and Lady Gaga’s Big Announcement

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark’s Reeve Carney has signed up to play Jeff
. Well, one of the Jeff Buckleys, since there are threeReeve Carney separate
biopics in the pipe for the artist. This one is the one that has access to the
music catalog, so I’m going to guess it’s going to be more musical.

North Carolina University is in hot water for publishing a guide to gay friendly churches for students.
I’m not entirely sure that the protest is from the atheist side, the small
government side, or the anti-gay side. I
do recall that my public university included a guide to local churches for
incoming students, and no one batted an eye.

We can all breathe a sigh of releif – TLC has canceled Kate Plus 8.

Never passing up an opportunity to be an opportunist, KISS is going to play the Michael
tribute concert even though Gene
called Jackson a pedophile.

GLSEN has sent a cease-and-desist order to the Family Research Council for their misleading
and defamatory video about the organization. They should have spared the tree
for all the good that’s going to do.

Countess LuannReverend Bob Larson‘s Teenage Exorcist Girl Squad isn’t some
show on Adult Swim, but an Arizona-based squad of beautiful teen girls who travel the country
performing exorcisms. And they just can’t keep up with demand! It must have
something to do with Harry Potter and Twilight,
at least that’s what the reverend thinks. And they’re now getting their own
Canadian reality show!

Lock your windows and your doors, because The
Real Housewives
are going on tour. At the very least, you should lock your
liquor cabinet. Or just move it to the top shelf. Andy Cohen will never be able to reach it up there.

I’m not a comic book person, but I recall some readers being
excited about the concept of The Runaways becoming a movie. Now
comes word that the script is done, but Marvel has everything on hold
for The
. But could The Runaways be one of the two
announced-but-not-named Marvel flicks?

I’ve been inordinately excited for The Green Album, with a lot of rock musicians performing songs made
famous or largely associated with The Muppet Show. NPR is streaming the album in anticipation of the launch
next week, and a lot of it is pretty good. But as a friend said after
listening: Why does OK Go hate the
Muppets so much?The Green Album

In other Muppet news, Bunim/Murray (The Real World) and
Henson Alternative, the grown up part of the Jim Henson Company announced plans for a scripted comedy with Muppets (not necessarily Kermit and Piggy) called History Of that will mock pop
culture. It’s being run by a writer from The Daily Show, which adds up to so
much awesome I can’t even measure it.

Adam Carolla has mouthed off again, this time on his podcast. Regarding transgender folks, he said “When did we start giving a sh– about
these people?” Carolla went further, wishing that the entire GLBT community would
“shut up” about equality. He
then said we should drop “LGBT” and just go with “YUCK.”
This isn’t Carolla’s first anti-gay explosion, and his apology is a weak “I’m
sorry my comments were hurtful.”

MTV has renewed Awkward for a second season.

Lady Gaga has
announced plans to premiere the video for “You and I” on MTV and
Logo (our parent company) Thursday, August 18th at 7:49 PM, along with a
“big announcement” and a Q&A with fans online.

The Talk will look pretty different when it returns in the fall. CBS
has picked up the options for creator Sara
, Sharon Osbourne (who
will take a break in the fall anyhow), and Julie
, but didn’t pick up the options for Leah Remini and Holly
Robinson Pete
. In all honesty, they’ve kept who I liked and dumped who I
didn’t, so this is a net win for me. How about we add David Burtka to the panel that’s theoretically about parenting?

Patti Smith Robert MapplethorpeWarren Buffet,
the third richest man in the world, has penned an op-ed for the New York Times that it’s
time to stop coddling the super-rich and raise their taxes. Needless to say,
some of the super-rich aren’t happy with the Oracle of Omaha.

Google just dropped $12.5 billion in cash to buy Motorola Mobility and get into the handset business,
though most analysts think they mostly just snapped up a huge number of patents
to protect themselves.

Patti Smith is partnering
with Josh Logan to turn Just
into a movie. The book, the story of her youth with
photography genius Robert Mapplethrope,
could prove challenging to adapt.

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