Morning Meme: Adam Lambert Angers Teen Moms, “Glee” Super Bowl Pictures, and “SNL” Does Second Hand News

I’m not sure what to think about the History Channel deciding
not to air their
Kennedy family miniseries, saying the
fictionalized account doesn’t fit with their brand. In the age of no music on
MTV, live action on Cartoon Network, and Sarah
on The Learning Channel, I don’t know what to make of a network with
a sense of identity.

I always catch a lot of flack for not liking Donna Noble as a companion on Doctor Who. I felt she upset the
dynamic. But I do like Catherine Tate,
and I like David Tennant, so I’m a bit sad that I’m not in London to see them on stage together in Much Ado About Nothing.

In a rather strange poll, E! is asking if it would change your
opinion of James Franco (who isn’t
gay, but enjoys toying with it) if he were to suddenly come out as gay. The
poll is just yes or no, which doesn’t even begin to cover the options. When I
last looked, I was somewhat gratified to see it was 92% no, but at the same
time, it would change my opinion of him, I’m certain of it. But that’s not
necessarily a bad thing. What are your thoughts?

The New York Times
did a huge profile of Bravo’s Andy Cohen, just after we said he was someone we could do without
for 2011. The profile didn’t change my mind.

I already loved Big
Bang Theory
, but even more so now with the news that Lucille
is going to guest star as a wealthy university donor. Any
chance we can get Christine Baranski
on the same episode?

ABC is developing an eight-hour miniseries based on Wicked, and produced by Salma Hayek. This isn’t based on the
Broadway musical, but the original novel that inspired the musical.

Justin Bieber isn’t getting his own episode of Glee, just a moment, which is more than enough. Ryan Murphy says that the dedicated
episodes are reserved for stars with “a large catalogue.”

Westboro Baptist Church intends
to picket the funerals
of those killed in the Arizona shooting.

It’s like a dedicated counter beat to progress, now that the
Rhode Island governor has come out for marriage equality, the Rhode Island
Catholic Bishop has come out against the governor. And the governor has
responded artfully.

Dancing With the Stars’
Maksim Chmerkovskiy filmed a season of The
in his native Ukraine during the break on DWtS.

The Obama administration is moving forward with a plan to
provide a unique Internet ID for every American, administered by the
Department of Commerce. Because that’s not a Big Brother scenario at all. But
can I request “KittenLover1971?”

Playboy has found a way to make reality television trashier than it already is. Or are they
just being more honest than most?

Speaking of reality television, Adam Lambert recently tweeted his disgust with the teen mothers on MTV,
and his followers attacked him. So we’ve found Adam’s kryptonite. Like Batman, we’ll just keep that filed away
somewhere in case he goes rogue.

Trent Reznor is doing the score for The
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

You need to go read this. I really can’t do it justice.

Victoria Beckham is
pregnant again
. So somehow, she must have found a way to have sex with that
terrible looking husband of hers. I don’t know how she does it.

There is a script for Ghostbusters 3
. Bill Murray just got a copy
to read, so everything we’ve ever read about the movie is purely made up.

Bird brains can utilize quantum mechanics, but can’t recognize a closed


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