Morning Meme: Adam Lambert is a “Pretty Little Liar,” Lewis Black Gives Voice To Seamus Romney, and Meet Stephen Ira Beatty

Fred Willard was arrested for allegedly exposing himself at an adult theater. He says it was a misunderstanding, Fred Willardbut PBS has fired him from his job on Market Warriors. Pee-wee Herman has yet to issue a statement.

How did Nickelodeon make their iconic green slime? I don’t know. With a lot of trial and error.

Glenn Greenwald, the iconic out Salon columnist, has announced he’s leaving Salon to join The Guardian as it expands its U.S. presence.

An Idaho bar has announced it will stop selling Pepsi and MillerCoors because of their support of gay causes like the Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Obviously they didn’t do their research, as Coca-Cola and nearly every other alcohol company are huge supporters of gay causes.

Adam LambertEvidently there is a growing Brony presence in the U.S. military, and even a rainbow “cutie patch” they wear on their uniforms. A Pentagon spokesperson reminds us that unauthorized patches may subject military members to disciplinary action. I’d just find it confusing in a post DADT world.

Adam Lambert has been booked for a two episode arc on Pretty Little Liars, where he’ll perform two songs.

TV Line has an update on the upcoming season of Modern Family, and how Gloria becoming pregnant will affect all the families, including Cam and Mitchell, who spent last season trying to have another child.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz says that the Democratic Party Platform will include marriage equality when announced later this year.

Chik-Fil-A says it’s getting out of the marriage equality argument, and will remain “neutral” in the social debate. The right always seems to think doing nothing (and I’ll believe that when I see it) is neutral, but if the JC Penney catalog has 60 pages of straight couples, and no gay couples, that’s not neutral, that’s biased against gay couples. JC Penney’s understands that.

It’s been confirmed that Sam Claflin is going to play Finnick Odair in Catching Fire. I just hope he doesn’t shave his chest.Sam Claflin

Outsports has their picks for the 30 hottest male bodies in the Olympics. They also have a gallery of the hottest women in the Olympics as selected by Lucy Hallowell of our sister site AfterEllen.

The Who famously were going to play a Providence show in 1979 that got canceled for safety concerns. If you had a ticket to that and saved it, they’ll be honoring the ticket at their February 26, 2013 show in the city.

Morgan Freeman has donated $1 million to a SuperPAC supporting the reelection of President Obama.

Channing TatumThe Onion weighs in on the Boy Scouts’ affirmation of their policy banning gays from participating in scouting. So does the L.A. Times. Who gets their point across better?

There will be a sequel to 21 Jump Street. I hope they fast track it, because I’m not sure I can see Channing Tatum infiltrating a high school as a student much longer. Maybe he could infiltrate a strip club instead, and they could merge the sequels to 21 Jump Street and Magic Mike. You can even use the cop uniforms in both movies.


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