Morning Meme: Adam Lambert Joins Queen (For a Day), James Franco’s “Cherry,” and Emma Watson’s Not So Lesbian Haircut

Adam Lambert confirmed via Twitter that he’s joining Queen when they headline the second day of the Sonisphere Festival July 7th in England.Adam Lambert and Queen

Indiana state Rep. Bob Morris has informed fellow Republicans that he will not join a joint resolution celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts because he believes it is a “radicalized organization” that supports abortion and promotes homosexuality. Now I have to go buy another box of Thin Mints to thank the Girl Scouts for freaking out another nutjob. I’m never going to fit into my swim suit.

Time has a wonderful story about just how harmful DOMA is to our gay troops, everything from preventing spouses from getting an ID card to enter bases, to not allowing married dual-military couples to request joint postings.

Matt ProkopSarah Hyland’s real life boyfriend is joining the cast of Modern Family as Haley’s boyfriend. Matt Prokop has appeared with Hyland in Conception, as well as the upcoming Struck By Lightning.

Taking a moment to remember The Senator.

GLAAD quickly applauded Roland Martin’s on-air comments about his meeting with the organization regarding his history of anti-gay comments, culminating in this Super Bowl tweets. Honestly, I’m less impressed than they are.

Meanwhile, Raynard Jackson writes about Martin in Black Enterprise and criticizes African-American leaders for not defending Martin’s comments. “I know first hand that many of the so-called Black “leadership” were quick to call Roland to get on his TV show or to get him to write a supportive newspaper column about one of their causes. But, now that he is in trouble not one voice is to be heard supporting him. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Ben Jealous, Marc Morial, the Congressional Black Caucus–your silence is so loud!” Raynard finishes the piece with this awful line, “Gays don’t deserve special protection because of their sexual preference, but they do deserve equal protection because of their humanity.”

A new study indicates that piracy has a negligible effect on the U.S. box office for movies, but that it does has a significant impact for the foreign box office receipts, particularly if the film opens eight or more weeks later than the U.S. premiere. Maybe the answer is going closer to day-and-date?Emma Watson

Emma Watson says that when she cut her curls to a pixie cut, people assumed she was making a declaration that she was a lesbian.

R.L. Stine has published an entire horror story on Twitter, line by line.

In the UK, the grassroots Coalition for Marriage has formed to oppose government working towards civil marriage equality. Of course, as The Guardian says, “The Daily Mail has lavished attention on the group, describing it as “a new grassroots organisation.” ‘Grassroots’ is an interesting choice of term for a group led by a former Archbishop, former Lord Chancellor, half a dozen MPs, four bishops and countless charity leaders.” They only get snarkier about it from there.Blue Mountain State

Spike has cancelled Blue Mountain State after three seasons of homoerotic confusion. I’m actually sad to see it go.

A new research study commissioned by Comedy Central says that men 18-34 see humor as a prize value, above athleticism or financial success.


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