Morning Meme: Adam Lambert Leaves 19 Recordings, “The L Word” Becomes a Documentary, and Britney Spears Cleans House

Please join me Sunday night on Twitter for the Golden Globe Awards. I’ll be covering all the fashion, Adam Lambertwins, losses, and stink eye. The Globes are generally the most fun, with television and movies all together, plus they serve the stars alcohol, making for some fun moments.

Adam Lambert went into a long discussion on Twitter about bullying, essentially wondering if there was a point in trying to stamp out bullies one by one, rather than just equipping victims to be tougher. There’s an idea there, but one can’t really exist without the other, and bullies, unchecked, will always overrun their victims.

Meanwhile, Adam has amicably ended his relationship with 19 Recordings, his record label for his first two studio records since Idol, plus a few other releases. He’s still with RCA Records however, and has been tweeting that the change is in time to allow him to do something wonderful for his third new release, possibly in 2013.

Showtime’s chief David Nevins says that it’s time for The L Word to transition again, this time into a documentary. “I want to change up the show and probably not continue it in exactly the same form. I’ve been talking a lot with (executive producers Dan (Cutforth) and Jane (Lipsitz) and Ilene about exploring sort of L Word culture, lesbian culture in places outside of New York and L.A., places where The L Wordthe subculture is not so defined and it’s maybe not so easy. And I think we’ll do a Real L Word documentary. We did the scripted show, did an ensemble reality show, and now it’s probably going to become a stand-alone documentary this year. But I think it’s an important franchise for us. It could be one-part, be two parts, they’re diving in doing research right now.”

The world is mourning Aaron Swartz, a cofounder of reddit, and internet pioneer who wrote RSS at 14. He took his own life at the age of 26. Swartz was arrested in 2011 for allegedly stealing scientific journals from MIT, and was scheduled to stand trial this year.

It looks like Zero Dark Thirty, despite the controversy, is going to win the box office this weekend with $26 million handily beating Gangster Squad with $18.5 million. The horribly homophobic (thanks, Joey!) A Haunted House should rake in $17.5 million for gay and rape jokes.

Recently ousted Maple Leafs’ General Manager Brian Burke says that he was taken by surprise by his firing. JR SmithBut he still thinks he can help the team, and plans to work as an consultant for the new GM as long as his contract runs, showing what a class act he is.

New York Knick JR Smith compared gays to Jerry Sandusky on Twitter. In a weird tweet combination, he used “pause” in a way that means “no homo” and added the hashtag “#nosandusky.”

Not only has Britney Spears left The X Factor, she’s dumped her talent agency, and her fiancé, Jason Trawick. Spears is reportedly in discussions for a big Las Vegas residency like Celine Dion and Sir Elton have had over the last few years.

The state of Tennessee has revoked the gun permit for James Yeager, who posted a YouTube video threatening to start killing people if President Obama uses an executive order to impose any form of gun control. Yeager runs Tactical Response, which provides weapons training.

Nicholas HoultNicholas Hoult is now single, having split from Jennifer Lawrence. But before you make a play, you should remember, he gives really lousy blow jobs.

The Catholic League’s Bill Donahue says that President Obama should be sworn in using Das Kapital, because his support of gay marriage is Marxist.

Regardless of what he uses for the swearing in, he’ll be partying at inaugural balls with Katy Perry, Usher, Stevie Wonder, and the cast of Glee.

You have to choose the hottest Broadway bodySeth Numrich in Golden Boy, Billy Magnussen in Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, or Sebastian Stan in Picnic. Frankly, it’s a two way battle in my mind between Magnussen and Stan, with Stan winning by the glistening sweat on his torso.

Why does coffee make you poop

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