Morning Meme: Adam Lambert Returning To “American Idol,” “Supernatural” Set Pranks, and Lance Bass On “Three Minute Talk Show”

While I was livetweeting the Oscars, a frequent question I
got (but didn’t have the answer to) was, “Who is that sexy hunk of man meat
handing out the statues to the winners and shooing the presenters offstage?”   It turns out it was Omar
Sharif, Jr.
, grandson of the screen Omar Sharif Jr and Omar Sharifgreat. And he loves the gays! “Human
rights and equal rights — it isn’t based on religion, based on politics, based
on gender. It’s across the board. Actually, the first time I met Bruce Cohen,
the producer of the Oscars, was at a benefit for the American Foundation for
Equal Rights where Elton John was singing.”

Simon Cowell spilled some possible names for judges for The X
USA. Paula
is in the mix, but Sir Elton
is out, because he’s too “grumpy.” (If Simon Cowell calls you grumpy…) But there
is gay hope, because George Michael
is in the running. Not it!

Elizabeth Hurley is joining the Wonder Woman pilot as her nemesis, and it sounds like she’s going to be bisexual, and have some unresolved
feelings for her. Because that’s never been done before. Also, Pedro Pascal joined as a cop who works with Wonder Woman.

Ryan Reynolds still thinks he can figure out a way to play Deadpool
in a solo film, along with Green Ryan Reynolds DeadpoolLantern 2, R.I.P.D.
and a few romantic comedies.

Revenue for the top 39 GLBT groups dropped 20% last year, and amounted to less than half the
budgets for the Top 10 anti-gay organizations like AFA and NOM, who work against
them. If donations keep drying up, Joe
may have to start buying his suits off the rack.

Zac Efron was not seen holding hands with a guy in front of his ex, Vanessa Hudgens at an NBA party. It was
an NHL party (I’m kidding!).

Hang on to your hats: George
R.R. Martin’s
A Dance With Dragons has a July release date, only six years late.

Ron Moore’s 17th
is going to have a decidedly queer angle, but it’s also
going to feel comfortably familiar, with Jamie
already cast, and now his Battlestar Galactica buddy James Callis signing up.James Callis

Phantom Menace 3D hits theaters February 10th, 2012.

While we don’t have a date yet, the BBC iPlayer app for iPad
and Android will cost “fewer than $10/month.” I can live with that for
immediate access to uncensored Russell

In Maryland, Del. Sam
, onetime marriage equality co-sponsor and recipient of a mountain of
pink dollars has
decided to vote against marriage
, putting equality more at risk in the state.

Adam Shankman has announced Julianne
will star alongside Tom Cruise
in Rock of Ages. I guess I Adam Shankmancan safely put that $20 for that movie ticket
in a 20-year, interest-bearing CD.

The Bilerico Project has published their first verified
expose on anti-gay, “pro-family” Indiana politicians who have their own
morality issues. I’m going to go ahead and call this NSFW.

BYU has shockingly suspended basketball star Brandon Davis right before the NCAA tournament for violating the
school’s ethics code. His crime? He had consensual sex with his girlfriend, and
confessed.Gareth Thomas

Mike Huckabee
doesn’t just think the gays are destroying America. He also thinks Natalie Portman is undermining morals
by appearing onstage at the Oscars, pregnant and unmarried.

I knew that photographer Tim Hailand had books due about Jake Shears and Rufus
, but I think I had missed that he had one about Gareth Thomas in process.

On Twitter, Adam
announced that he will be performing his song “Aftermath” on American
Thursday, March 10th. The remix will then be available
for purchase on his website, with proceeds benefiting The
Trevor Project.


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