Morning Meme: Adam Lambert Sells Out, “Glee” Will Have Graduation Ceremonies, and When Matthew Mitcham Met Johnny Weir

Torchwood has
added Buffy the Vampire Slayer producer Kelly Manners
to the team. Meanwhile, Eve Myles has rented a 1960s home in Hollywood, right under the sign
to call home while filming the new season. But the good news is that she’s
promised not to stay.

Gregg Araki’s  omnisexual Kaboom
is coming to IFC
in January
, giving you your chance to see Thomas Dekker get his bisexual on. Or that’s what the marketing print
says, even if the press photos are pretty heterosexual.

The real David
is neither a bully nor a closet case, but he did go to
school with Brad Falchuk, the co-creator
of Glee. It seems that Falchuk names
most characters he creates after people in his past. On Glee alone there’s Karofsky, Rachel
, and Puck is based on Noah “Zuck” Zuckerman. But nobody’s mad
about it.

The National Portrait Gallery has pulled a film from their gay art exhibit because noted
homophobe Bill Donahue of the
Catholic League complained about 11 seconds out of 30 minutes that had ants
crawling on a crucifix. He got incoming House Speaker John Boehner to complain as well. This is the homophobia we just voted for at least two years of folks.

Valerie Harper is headed to Desperate
. She’s going to play Susan’s
(Terri Hatcher) Aunt Claire, who
likes her booze. I swear that in Hollywood, it’s getting impossible for an
actress under 60 to find work!

The Los Angeles Times
has a great piece from Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Tim Rutten about why the designation of the Family Research Council as a hate group is correct. Meanwhile,
three days later Chris Matthews went
on MSNBC and said that Tony Perkins faked one of his sources on the “debate” Monday that had me
calling him an asshat. I still say Matthews is an asshat for that segment,
even with this one correction, days later.

“Sources” (my favorite kind of story) say that ABC is desperately seeking Todd Palin, Alaska’s former First Dude for their next season of Dancing With the Stars. I can’t say I
blame them, since their job is ratings, but if it’s true, I really am losing
all respect for them.

Female boxing champ Christy
was shot and stabbed last week, allegedly by her husband after he found out she was leaving him for her lesbian lover.

Adam Lambert’s Acoustic Live EP has sold out, and it hasn’t even been released yet. They’re
trying to work out a second printing.

It turns out humans don’t multitask well at all, and people who have
three screens going with two dozen windows open are rewiring their brains, and
not for the better. It spoils your ability to concen…. SQUIRREL!

The universe is big. Even bigger than we thought. We now think it’s 3x bigger in fact, and contains 300
sextillion stars. And yes, that’s a real number.

NBC is buying a new comedy written by Steve Carell. It’s
based around Carell’s time as a mailman in a quirky post office where a lot of twenty-somethings
hang out.

I don’t know who out there besides me loved Vernor Vinge’s A Fire Upon the Deep, but the sequel is finally happening! Children
of the Sky
is due next October, which still beats the next best guess for George R.R. Martin’s next book.

Computer Engineer
has a Linux laptop, an iPhone, and is now available! Somehow I don’t think she’ll have any
trouble getting a date.

In news that’s burning up the interwebs, Ryan Murphy repeated what he’s always
said: the Glee kids have to graduate and leave on some sort of schedule, even
if it’s slowed down. And new kids have to come on. So our current favorites won’t
always be the center of the show. And people are screaming all over the place
about it, like this is a surprise.

In an interesting move to people who report on Hollywood, Entertainment Weekly has lured
James Hibberd away from Hollywood Reporter to take the slot
recently vacated by the Spurf as he went off to start his own

It is confirmed that Channing
will star in a big screen version of 21 Jump Street, alongside Jonah
, who also developed the screenplay. I have a bad feeling about this.

Russell Tovey’s
parents own an airport shuttle company, and it has a Facebook Fan Page. He
wants everyone to “Like” their page to freak them out, so get to

Ricky Gervais has joined the new Muppet movie. If it’s anything like the conversation he had with Elmo about necrophilia, this could be fun.

The Illinois senate approved a civil unions bill yesterday, and it’s now headed
to the governor, who says he’ll sign it. Yay! We’re separate-but-almost-equal!

Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., all 42 Republican senators have signed a letter saying they
won’t consider any other business, including the Defense Authorization bill
with Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal until we extend the tax cuts for

Out actor John Glover
is returning to Smallville
as Lionel Luthor
, despite plunging off a skyscraper to his death several
seasons back. I’ll be honest, I gave up on Smallville
years ago, but I loved the Luthors.

Peter Billingsley,
who played Ralphie in A Christmas Story
is producing a musical adaptation of the classic film. I can
already hear a song called “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out” in my head.

I’m going to try and keep this PG-13. Esquire, a magazine reportedly for straight men, interviewed Dr. Brian Rzepczynski to explain the
concept of “the power bottom.” The interview didn’t make it into Esquire, but it did make it onto the
web – NSFW
. In an odd twist, this was the fourth time the phrase “power
bottom” came up in everyday conversation for me yesterday, and it should be
noted that I was never around another gay person.


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