Morning Meme: Adam Lambert Under New Management, Esurance Endows The Trevor Project and Elvira’s Beauty Tips

While I’m writing this, London is burning. I’m without words, as landmark
buildings, double-decker buses, and theaters go up in flames. I just Jesse Tyler Fergusondon’t know
what to say.

Of course, we had already seen pictures from the set, but
it’s still very cool to see a list of guest stars for the new season of Sesame Street. I see out ginger Jesse Tyler Ferguson listed, and I’m so
glad his relationship with Justin Mikita
didn’t suffer any lasting harm once Elmo
got handsy.

Esurance, the direct-to-consumer car insurance company has just donated $50,000 to The Trevor Project based on new “Likes” on their Facebook

Buju BantonRod 2.0 brings us the happy news that murder music king Buju Banton has been transferred from jail to federal prison following
his conviction on drug charges.

Masterpiece Theater has announced plans for a prequel to Inspector Morse.

Jon Huntsman, who
is the single most reasonable sounding Republican candidate in the race, has refused to sign the National Organization for Marriage’s
hate pledge against equality.

It seems that life still isn’t perfect for Sofia Vergarashe can’t find a bra that fits well. I wonder why?

Adam Lambert has replaced 19 Entertainment as his management, though
he’s still signed to them musically. It’s probably a good move, getting some
independent representation to defend his interests.Adam Lambert

NPR is apologizing, in that weak, we-don’t-really-mean-it way,
for their completely irresponsible story about reparative therapy, in
which they flat out said that the science was in question.

I’m terribly amused by the idea that smugglers in Hong Kong are using zip lines from skyscrapers to import iPads into
the city to take advantage of different tax rates. It was all going very James
-ian until someone looked up.

Agnes Nixon, the
creator of ABC’s All My Children, will return to the show in a cameo before it signs off the
air next month.

A woman is against her 8-year-old son’s new dinosaur toys because
dinosaurs weren’t in the Bible. I think it’s funny, but I really should find it sad. Maybe I’m
hoping it’s satire?

Andy CohenBravo’s Andy Cohen
is planning a memoir about his hugely successful career and
coming out in the entertainment industry. I can think of one person he could
send a copy to. (Hint, hint.) Plus, he can use unsold copies as booster seats in restaurants!

The King’s Speech wasn’t a movie I wanted to see, but it’s what
was showing on United when I flew out to a conference, and I was blown away.
Still, I don’t know if it needs to be a Broadway show.

In what has to be the least classy thing he’s ever done, Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared in a joke shirt made for Maria Shriver’s departure from the
Governor’s Mansion. It was meant to be funny, and said “I Survived Maria
2007-2010.” Arnold crossed out the date and made it “1977-2010″
the dates of his marriage.



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