Morning Meme: Adam Levine Confirms “American Horror Story,” James Bond Drinks a Beer, and “Happy Endings” Brings Back the Mandonnas

Adam Levine had a busy day. He announced he had split from his supermodel girlfriend (who is going to cover his privates in photoshoots now? I have some free time!).Adam Levine He also confirmed that he’s appearing in the new season of American Horror Story, and that Ryan Murphy isn’t concerned about his lack of acting experience.

Take a moment to read the op-ed by Nickelodeon star and Straight But Not Narrow founder Avan Jogia about Bully, and how it can change the ways we view bullying in America.

Out disaster director Roland Emmerich has signed on to direct a film in which he probably won’t destroy the world. White House Down is about a paramilitary takeover of the White House, and unlike most Emmerich movies, is being made for a mere $3 million.

Some things on the Internet I miss entirely until someone is debunking them, like death hoaxes and in this case, that Bruno Mars came out of the closet. He didn’t.

The Barenaked Ladies explain that while Canada isn’t entrenched in the frat culture that American universities have, they drew on their experiences playing frat parties on tour when they were first trying to make it, in order to pen Animal Housean Animal House musical.

The New York Times famously doesn’t understand Game of Thrones. They think the only people who watch it are Dungeons & Dragons fans and seem to think it a failure.

Immigration Equality has filed suit on behalf of five bi-national same-sex couples seeking to have the Defense of Marriage Act overturned for lack of equal protection in obtaining green cards. The law is under assault from so many angles, I don’t see how much longer it can stand.

James Bond is going to the Olympics, or at least shot a promo for it. Filmed at Buckingham Palace, 007 receives orders from Her Majesty and leaves by helicopter before parachuting into Olympic Stadium in a bit directed by Danny Boyle. Which is better use of his time than drinking Heineken, which I hear he does in Skyfall. That’s blasphemy.

In an amazing quote, when Ann Romney was asked if she felt it was fair that her husband was perceived as stiff, she replied “Well, you know, I guess we better unzip him and let the real Mitt Romney out because he is not!”

Activist and Towleroad contributor Corey Johnson is exploring a run for Christine Quinn’s seat on the New York City council, assuming Quinn makes her expected bid for the mayor-ship.

At some point today, Ryan Seacrest is expected to make an announcement about his future at NBC, which could involve a bigger deal for his E! properties and a role on Today.Ryan Seacrest I won’t be catching it live as Sarah Palin is co-hosting Today and I’m boycotting. Update: Seacrest has postponed until Wednesday as he must “recover” from his elbow surgery.

The Supreme Court has upheld the legality of strip searches in arrests, even for minor crimes, ruling that safety and security in prisons overrides the privacy issues of invasive searches.

The New Jersey Star-Ledger has a killer opinion piece about the National Organization for Marriage’s tactics for opposing same sex marriage that’s worth reading in its entirety. “It is sick beyond words that a group to “save” Angry Birdsmarriage would exploit racial and ethnic divisions, stir intolerance and fear, and even rip families apart by pitting children against parents. In their self-described “battle,” they come across as the biggest losers of all.”

An Angry Birds series is coming to all screens near you very soon, in 52 three minute episodes, but you’ll have to wait a couple of years before they have a feature movie.

Mark Walhberg adjusting his junk.

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