Morning Meme: Aubrey O’Day Bullies Arsenio Hall, The Wanted Think That Manners Cost Nothing, and Craig Ferguson Gets David Sedaris In a Kilt

Over at, they have a really great history of Hudson Taylor, gay ally and founder of AthleteAlly and how he was bullied on his college team for speaking out in support of equality. Hudson TaylorHis perseverance, without having a direct stake in the game, should inspire us all.

A new survey from Symantec says that porn sites rank only #10 in prevalence of malware to infect your computer, because porn sites have a vested interest in repeat business. Topping the list of dangerous sites? Religious or ideological sites.

After questionable reports of pro-Amendment One signs being vandalized in North Carolina surfaced, we get this guy, who filmed himself shooting an anti-Amendment One sign in his neighbors yard and uploading it to YouTube.

Aubrey O’Day won $50,000 for GLSEN on Celebrity Apprentice, but followed that by criticizing Arsenio Hall for not wanting to make a cheerleading themed ad. She said “Arsenio is the biggest girl on this show, so I don’t know why he Arsenio Halldoesn’t like tap dancing or wearing cheerleading outfits. We all know he does it at home.” Not really keeping in the spirit GLSEN wants to project, is it?

The Octomom has filed for bankruptcy protection, shortly after going on state assistance to help care for her massive family.

Cheerleading’s premiere organization, the U.S. All Star Federation, made a slip up when it issued new guidance for image etiquette saying that male cheerleaders should “minimize exaggerated or theatrical movements,” or stop being so gay. To their credit, they’re looking at the new guidance after even mainstream publications like Slate called them out on it.

NBC made an oddly early decision to pick up Matthew Perry’s Go On comedy, and now we know that they’re eyeing an August premiere of the series, along with an early start for Grimm, driving them with a massive promotional push from the Summer Olympics.

Parts of Hulu may soon require you to log in to prove you have a pay cable subscription before accessing some content, making it harder for you to cut the cord.

Warner has picked up a pitch for a movie about rapidly evolving dinosaurs that attack Los Angeles. It was originally designed to be a web series. Just how rapidly are they evolving? Will we see a T-Rex flying an oversized F-22?

Here’s a handy roundup of all the ridiculous bills the Tennessee legislature passed and attempted to pass, from their “Don’t Say Gay” bill to their bill defining a miscarriage as murder, or a law that protects teachers who choose to teach creationism, known as the Monkey Law.The Wanted

The Wanted recently called Christina Aguilera a bitch after appearing on The Voice. Do they regret their decision? Only a little. “We shouldn’t have said it, to be honest with you. We just think manners cost nothing, you know what I mean?”

Over in the UK, the charming Dr. Julie Gasper is upset with Pink News readers over their reaction to her saying that gays should be giving thanks to heterosexuals for giving birth to them. “It’s a shame that most of you are completely mad and need to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act. Just ring up your GP, tell him your symptoms and ask for help.”

Here are 30 wet, unhappy cats, who are no doubt plotting a painful death for me for laughing so hard.

Here’s some details on the new lesbian storyline on The Bold and the Beautiful, including Bradley Bell being asked how realistic it was to have a soap about the fashion industry on for 25 years and not have a gay storyline Crystal Chappelluntil now. The good news? There will be lots of kissing for Joanna Johnson and Crystal Chappell.

Both The New Normal from Ryan Murphy and Partners, from Max Mutchnick and David Kohan made TV Guide’s list of promising pilots. That’s a lot of gay TV in just two shows.

E! will air Married to Jonas, about Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle, as they live their domestic life and prepare for a new album and tour from the Jonas Brothers.

David Furnish calls marriage equality the “next great civil rights battle.” It’s good to see him stepping forward on the subject, since only a few years back, his partner Sir Elton John didn’t see the point when civil partnerships were functionally the same. Fatherhood has a way of shifting priorities I guess.

Robin Williams is playing Elijah Woods’ therapist on the new season of Wilfred, with Smallville’s Allison Mack playing his new love interest. Wilfred was one of my favorite shows of the summer last year.

When Forbes made their list of the richest fictional characters last week, I may have sneered at how they made their calculations. But some serious thought went into the wealth of the dragon Smaug. And fanboys still aren’t happy.


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