Morning Meme: “Avengers” Rakes It In, Mark Deklin Strives for “Gay-Fit,” and Eli Manning Dons a Dress On “SNL”

Josh Dixon is half-African-American, half-Japanese, a Stanford graduate, adopted, and a likely Olympic gymnast. He also just came out publicly as gay in a great interview at Outsports.Josh Dixon He says that being gay in the sport has been met with a shrug by his teammates, and we couldn’t be happier to have a new out world-class athlete.

The list of records The Avengers broke this weekend is nearly endless, with $200.3 million in U.S. box office, the fastest film to reach $200 million, biggest domestic opening ever, and the highest Saturday ever. It’s now pulled in $641.8 million worldwide, and has to help ease the pain of John Carter at Disney, sadly too late to save out studio head Rich Ross, who was fired last week.

In sad news, George Lindsay, most famous for playing Goober on The Andy Griffith Show, has passed away at the age of 83.

Wrestler and gay rights activist Hudson Taylor has been nominated for The Gentleman’s Fund at GQ.

GCB’s Mark Deklin says it’s not easy for a 44-year-old to be ripped and ready for shirtless scenes, and he needs a little warning. “I think generally in life, I’m hetero-fit. But gay-fit and straight-fit are two different things. I was like, You know what, I really gotta step it up. It’s not enough to sort of be generally athletic—I’ve got to be shredded.”

Are you ready for the Bible trivia quiz? I hope Dan Savage is.

Chris Hughes and Sean EldridgeMega-rich Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes and his fiancé Sean Eldridge are fast becoming the gay power brokers to know in New York. From fundraisers to activism to fabulous real estate, these understated movers and shakers are changing the face of gay politics. Even if they weren’t “to the manner born.” Really, New York Times?

NewNowNext has a list of their favorite naked superheroes, including Doctor Manhattan, who they show in pretty much all his glory.

Vice President Joe Biden said what everyone believes that he and President Obama actually believe, that he’s “absolutely comfortable with…men marrying men, women marrying women.” As activists celebrated, the White House and David Axelrod quickly moved to walk back what he said as nothing new or important.

Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone has confirmed that marriage equality will not be a part of the Queen’s Speech, but insists that this does not mean that the Tories are backing down on the subject after bad losses in local elections.

Even after the trouble of translating their Boycott Starbucks website into localized languages not generally thought to be GLBT-friendly like Arabic, Turkish and Mandarin, the National Organization for Marriage still only has 35,709 pledges, or about 700/day since launch.

I had no idea that the London Olympic Stadium was built to be taken apart, reduced from 80,000 seats to 25,000 seats after the event. There are nine other fascinating facts over at the BBC.

The Fox Mole, Joe Muto, has reportedly scored a six figure deal to write a memoire about his time at the news giant. Lawyers are going to get rich trying to stop this one from coming out.Alison Bechdel

Alison Bechdel, a cartoonist most famous for creating the Bechdel Test for sexism in media, has a new book coming out, but she’s also talking about Girls, the much maligned HBO series. And guess what? She loves it.

Brad Buecker, co-executive producer of Glee and American Horror Story, is set to direct the movie Time After Time, which is a musical about a contemporary girl who gets trapped in the 1980s with her young mother as a best friend.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s new city budget cuts $7 million from the homeless youth program, effectively eliminating 160 shelter beds in a city that already has waiting lists for places for kids to sleep. The city only funds 250 shelter beds for an estimated 4,000 homeless youth, many GLBT.

Elections in France saw the defeat of Nicolas Sarkozy as president in favor of pro-gay socialist Francois Holland. In Greece results are still coming in as I write this, but much analysis says that the coaltion that seems to have formed won’t stand and new elections will be called soon.

The Methodist conference has reaffirmed that gay relationships are incompatible with church teachings.

Dustin Lance BlackThe Colorado civil unions bill has passed a key vote in the house committee that it died in last year, but faces an uphill climb through two more committees before seeing a floor vote, and many are concerned that Republicans will try and run out the clock on the measure when the session ends on Wednesday.

Amendment One, designed to write discrimination into North Carolina’s constitution comes up for a vote tomorrow, and it doesn’t look good. Take some time to go through your address book and se if you have anyone you can call in North Carolina to sway their vote. My mother is making calls to friends and relatives in the state, maybe yours can too?

8 the Play, as read in Los Angeles with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Chris Colfer, Jane Lynch, Kevin Bacon, and just about everyone else is getting a digital release June 1.


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