Morning Meme: Bert Is a Little More “‘Mo,” the Osbournes Rule Pride and What’s Cuter Than Betty White with a Koala?

Plus Sandra Bernhard for the Ali Forney Center, Cassidy Haley for the Trevor Project, and is Glee changing the world?

I’m sure it will make all my coworkers happy that AMC has renewed Breaking
for a fourth season. I’m the only one who doesn’t think it’s the
best hour on television, because I haven’t given it an hour on my television.

Calgary held their first Queer Prom over the weekend, giving
those young queer men and women the chance to reclaim the night that they skipped, or
maybe went with an opposite sex “friend.” This warms the lump of coal where my
heart should be, since I skipped senior prom entirely.

I imagine somewhere backstage at the Tony Awards, people are
weeping that a musical version of Elf
is headed
to the Great White Way.

Ozzy Osbourne is going to write a health column for the Sunday Times. Next up, Jack Kervorkian writes editorials for Men’s Health.

Speaking of the Osbournes,
Kelly and Sharon rode in the Gay Pride parade in WeHo, and when they encountered anti-gay protesters, grabbed a microphone
and led the crowd in a chant of “My God loves Gays” until they drowned out the

GLAAD has accepted the “apology that Rampage Jackson made on his blog that
just made me angrier. And their acceptance of that “LIGHTEN THE F*** UP” as an
apology made me even angrier.

Arizona has decided to attempt a law ignoring the 14th Amendment
and refuses to issue birth certificates to children of illegal immigrants born
in the United States. Arizona, South Carolina says “Thank you!”

Sandra Bernhard
and Lt. Dan Choi will be amongst the
speakers today, June 14th, at a rally in support of The Ali Forney Center for GLBT youth in
New York. The center suffered anti-gay graffiti on their Queens shelter last
week. The
rally is at 6:30 pm in Union Square

In Five Questions with John Waters, I think John
undersells the weirdness factor when asked about a typical day for him. “From
Monday to Friday, I get up at 6 a.m., read six or seven papers and then by 8, I
think of something weird. And then I get together with my office and try to
sell it. On Friday nights, I go to bars and drink.”

Congratulations to Iceland, whose parliament unanimously passed marriage equality
last week.  Here, the Senate can’t
unanimously agree to break for lunch.

Lea Michele is going to voice Dorothy in the animated Dorothy of Oz. She’ll share the
recording studio with Jim Belushi as
the Cowardly Lion, Dan Ackroyd as
Scarecrow, and Kelsey Grammer as Tin

This list of 10 of the World’s
Most Insanely Luxurious Homes
makes me want to plant a hedge to hide my

A group of 51 German millionaires and
billionaires have volunteered
to pay an extra “rich tax” of 10%
of their annual income to help the government close the budget gap.
10% of their income is more than an American millionaire pays in taxes after

Rue McClanahan’s New York City apartment is on the market for $2.25 million.
It features a 1,600 sq foot garden, a secret passage, and a door to her office
that has a woman’s face and breasts protruding on the outside, and the woman’s
fanny on the inside.

HBO has found a
companion piece
for Hung – in
Thanks for Coming: A Young Woman’s Quest
an Orgasm. 

I find so much joy in Matt
journal entries, and such general gratitude towards life that they
brighten my day. I
admit this one concerns me
, because I can’t imagine Matt with his
trademark mop of a haircut sheared off.

As an amateur writer, I remain in awe of Frank Rich, who tied together the Prop 8 trial with Glee in a beautiful, deft column over the weekend.
Meanwhile, his coworker
puts forth the idea that “theater geeks”
are now the cool kids in
school thanks to Glee.

Clear Channel attempted to censor two of four billboard designs
for St. Petersburg Pride. Bilerico Project has the designs, which were innocuous.
Since Clear Channel is behind Rush
, I don’t know why anyone is surprised.


Local favorite Cassidy Haley marched in Pride for the Trevor Project. I’m not sure what impresses me most about the picture tweeted by GoCheeksGo: the stilts, the good deed, or the body.

I’m shallow, it’s totally the body.

Speaking of Pride, the people at Sesame Street are way too clever for their own good. On the opening weekend of A-Team, and Pride in many cities, they sent out this tweet on Friday confirming what we all suspected since childhood.

Still, the uni-brow.

These next two photos are a pair, so stick with me, because I’m delving into the unfamiliar world of sports.  During the Stanley Cup playoff, the Chicago Tribune ran this poster of Philadelphia player Chris Pronger with his upper body Photoshopped on a female figure skater’s legs, with a caption saying "Looks like Tarzan, skates like Jane." Most people said it was sexist, but not homophobic. I disagreed.

At least effimiphobic.

Cut to a couple nights later, and Chicago wins the Stanley Cup. The players hoist it overhead in their locker room with the strategy board behind them. You see opponent Chris Pronger’s name listed, and in red beside his name, "is gay" and it’s all circled. It’s really clear on the right side of the picture from Getty Images. There’s no proof that the team itself wrote that, but I would think there was limited access to the locker rooms in the finals.

This proves hockey isn’t rugby!

Betty White was on ABC’s Nightline Friday Night. It was billed as her discussing being the last remaining Golden Girl, but that was the smallest part of the interview. Mostly it was about her love of animals, and took place at the Los Angeles Zoo, with a cast of furry costars. It’s sweet, it’s bawdy, it’s Betty White!

Sadly, the first half of Sean Hayes‘ appearance on Late Night with David Letterman isn’t online, because I was fascinated – Sean was funny, engaging, and quick. He was nothing like that closed, arrogant guy who did The Advocate. I really am starting to wonder about the interviewer, because between Letterman, The View, and his appearance hosting the Tony Awards, he seems so much more comfortable in every interview except The Advocate.

Late Night Liars premiered on Game Show Network last week, and while it was full of gay jokes, they weren’t really offensive, just tired and unfunny. How they keep out of trouble with the estates of Paul Lynde with William A. Mummy I have no idea.  Here’s a viral video they did for his character’s backstory in which they were less successful in being non-offensive. I had trouble making it past the salad reference.

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