Morning Meme: Betty Bowers’ History Lessons, Which Ryan Has Better Abs, and Jon Stewart is Braving Fox News Again

ABC intends to keep playing with big red balls – Wipeout has been renewed for a fifth season, but with Vanessa
as the host. I still think the Wipeoutcourse should be an attraction at

For reasons that I can only imagine, the small town of
Juzcar in Spain has been repainted Smurf blue in honor of the upcoming
movie. Sony has promised to restore everything after the promotion, but from
the images, I think it looks kind of neat.

There’s a rumor going around that girls are so into getting Justin Bieber’s used Underoos that when
he takes them off, a security guard issues him a new pair and takes the used
ones to an incinerator. It sounds like an episode of Dirty Jobs, except Mike Rowe wouldn’t even go there.

Five out authors including John Waters, Edmund White
and Michael Cunningham name the best gay books in the world.

The man with the world’s best name (and best cheekbones), Benedict Cumberbatch, has picked up a
second role in Benedict CumberpatchThe Hobbit, voicing the dragon Smaug.
He’s also playing the character Necromancer.

I never thought I’d have a reason to watch Fox
News Sunday with Chris Wallace
, but since Jon Stewart is stepping into the lion’s den, I may have to record this
week’s episode.

In possibly one of the most tone-deaf political jokes ever,
after sitting and listening to a group of long term unemployed folks in Florida
tell their stories, the $200-million net worth Mitt Romney says “I’m also unemployed.” That folks, in a nutshell, is the
Republican party. Well, that, and hating gay people.

Larry Flynt has made a job offer to the newly unemployed Anthony Weiner. No specifics were given
by the Hustler publisher, but he swears it’s not a gimmick.

Lady Gaga released the video for “Edge of Glory” last night, and
honestly, it’s a simple, understated video. It’s a nice change of pace from the
high concept productions she’s known for.

Bilerico has a list of the Best Nude Beaches in America. I’ve only been to two of the
eight, and found them to be great, if difficult to access, and currently
nowhere near me. How I never visited Haulover Beach while I lived in Miami is a

This coming season of Glee will be very different
behind-the-scenes: they’ve hired a full writing room, including former Buffy
scribe Marti Noxon. Christina AguileraMaybe they can
hold the storylines together for an entire episode.

The Voice (which was surprisingly watchable) is not cheap: Bob Greenblatt got some extra money for
the show to be what it is, and each episode costs north of $2.3 million, including paying Christina Aguilera $225,000, as much as
the other judges combined.

I don’t now what is emboldening these people in public
venues to try and enforce Biblical law, but it’s got to stop. First kicking the
developmentally challenged gay men from a government pool on Biblical grounds,
and now a security guard scolding a lesbian couple for quick kiss at
a Twins game, saying they must follow the Ten Commandments while in the park.
And where is “Thou shalt not kiss your hot girlfriend” in the Ten Commandments?

I’d like you to think aboBenoit Denizet-Lewisut this concept for a moment: Lou Reed and Metallica have recorded an album together.

Finally, Facebook is prepping a iPad app. Not that I use Facebook. I think my
last post was back in February. I’m much more of a Twitter guy.

Did you hear about the principal who chose to retire two years early so that the money saved
from his salary could keep two music teachers employed? I think everyone should
hear about it.

Take a minute to read My Ex-Gay Friend by Benoit
. It’s not what I was expecting. The players aren’t who I was
expecting. RegardlessFreddie Smith of how you feel about the concept of “ex-gay” this is a
good read.

It’s official: Days of Our Lives is starting a gay storyline, and it’s a familiar face bringing it to the screen. Freddie Smith, recently seen opposite Trevor Donovan on 90210, will play Sonny, a good natured guy who returns home to his family in Salem. Even Smith doesn’t know who his relationship is with though – they haven’t filmed it. “There are a lot of guys on the show, so it’s going to be interesting to see who I end up falling for. Someone new? Someone on the show?  We all make jokes, `who am I going to make out with first?’ It’s going to be fun to see.”

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