Morning Meme: Blake Shelton’s Mancrush On Adam Levine, Siri Knows What You Want, and a “Glee/TVD” Crossover?

Ben Rappaport, who was wasted in the tasteless Outsourced, has landed the lead in the Awesometown pilot. He’ll play a 20-something who has been with the same girl since theBen Rappaport 8th grade and catches her cheating, gets a divorce, and moves in with his wild single friends.

Roland Martin is going back on air on CNN. As Andy notes, nobody is sure if he paid his price, GLAAD relented, or we all just moved on to other topics and they felt safe. Time will tell about his plan to be a “truth teller.”

Four Colorado high schools students left the yearbook after the advisor refused to print a picture of a gay couple holding hands. When met with protest, the teacher deleted the entire relationship page, and replaced it with a diversity page, where she banned names. So if a Muslim student was pictured, it would be labeled “Muslim.”

The defense wrapped in Dharun Ravi’s trial in the bullying of Rutger’s student Tyler Clementi, who jumped to his death from a bridge after Ravi spied on him with a male partner. Ravi did not testify in his own defense. Something we need to be careful of when discussing this is that Ravi is not being tried for Clementi’s death, which is a narrative that appears to be subtly picking up steam.  Ravi is on trial for invasion of privacy, witness and evidence tampering, and bias intimidation.

One Million Moms remains quite angry about GCB, and tries to claim multiple sponsors dropped the show, but Kraft is the only announcement I’ve seen. While most GCBreports of Rush Limbaugh’s sponsors mention that many “suspended” and didn’t drop Rush, One Million Moms likes to assume that companies buy sponsorship of an entire season. It just doesn’t work like that.

Magnolia Pictures has set June 8th for the release of Bel Ami, the period film with Robert Pattinson that needs to go away so I don’t get inadvertently excited by the title popping up in odd places.

I still find it staggering that a public high school would book the rabidly conservative Junkyard Prophet group to perform at the school, allow them to break the student body up by gender, tell them gay people die at 42 and go to hell, and tell female students they would “have mud on their wedding dress” if they weren’t virgins. They also showed images of aborted fetuses. If this were Dan Savage giving a frank sexuality talk, people would be demanding firings of the principal and the school board, and he’d be talking about affirming subjects, not hate. This is outrageous. There’s video at the second link.

Kim Kardashian is upset that Jon Hamm said “Whether it’s Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian or whoever, stupidity is certainly celebrated. Being a f**king idiot is a valuable commodity in thisJon Hamm culture because you’re rewarded significantly.” I’ve been applauding Hamm all weekend.

Doonesbury is taking on the attacks on the rights of women with a week of bold comics that have some newspapers running reruns, while others have moved the strip to the opinion page. For all the controversy, it’s almost taken straight from the Texas and Virginia legislatures.

Speaking of legislatures, the one in Pennsylvania is considering a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage or anything similar. If you live there, contact information for your lawmakers is at the link.

Since the UK banned club drug mephedrone, use in clubs, particularly gay clubs surveyed, has actually gone up, and it’s the most popular drug over GHB/GBL, cocaine, and pot. I’m a bit stunned that meth and ecstasy didn’t appear on the list. I’m actually not familiar with mephedrone and the effects.

AdAge weighs in on the new direction of our parent company LOGO, with an advertising perspective, along with commentary on the industry from folks like Aaron Hicklin at Out. It’s an interesting read, and AfterEllen and AfterElton do get mentioned.

IROC ZThe Archbishop of York seems to believe that due to the 1662 Prayer Book and Article 30 of the Church of England, the Church would have to approve any move parliament made for marriage equality.

I have a certain affinity for this article from Brett Berk about muscle cars. Like him, when my friends were getting IROCs in high school, I got (chose) a small European car. His was an old BMW, mine an MG Midget. So I have a weird relationship with muscle cars. But I can’t help but think my father would roll over in grave to hear Brett call some of these six new cars “muscle cars.”

Rachel Maddow remembers being outed to her family by an article in the Stanford newspaper that ran before she was ready. “First of all, they were having to deal with the fact that I’m gay. Second of all, they were having to deal with the fact that I’m gay in the newspaper. And third of all, they were having to deal with theRachel Maddow fact that they’ve raised some sort of horrific, callous rug rat who would tell the student paper before telling her family.”

Twenty-five members of Congress, led by Rep. Mike Honda have sent a letter to the MPAA asking that it change the rating for Bully from R to PG-13 so that it can be seen by those that most need to see it. “This truth should be shared with as wide an audience as is appropriate and possible. We believe an R-rating excludes the very audience for whom this film is desperately important. … We ask you to reconsider the R-rating in the context of its educational importance and life-changing potential.”


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