Morning Meme: Blake Skjellerup Offers Cuddles, Howard Bragman Talks “Coming Out,” and Is “Scott Pilgrim” Post-Gay?

Plus the Being Human cast is funny, gay gangsters on their knees begging, and Chris Colfer hasn’t started "The Gay Bachelor."

Last night Kristin
from E! hosted a Glee event with the
cast and writers. The first batch of news she put out is all about couples. If you want to know all about happy heterosexuals, go read it.
But I’ll tell you that Chris Colfer
has not done “the gay Bachelor” to
screen test with his upcoming boyfriend, and he says the role has not been cast.

Ryan Murphy maintains, “I really want
to see Kurt win. I want to see him be happy and be proud and be strong, and I
want to see him not be a victim. I want that character to be able to educate a
whole bunch of parents and kids about what is possible. And I love the idea of
Kurt being prom king.”

Catalonia becomes the first major region of Spain to ban bullfighting. I know
in reality it can be a cruel sport, but to me, it’s just like a cartoon
bullfight, with red capes and Bugs Bunny. I’m sure it’s a good thing, but
banning it makes me sad.

Pretty much everything about this item is incredible. Out,
adorable Kiwi speed skater Blake
is being featured at
Vancouver Pride
and his appearance is sponsored by Air New Zealand’s
new “Cuddle Class.” So the website has Blake grinning at you with text saying “Cuddles
anyone”? Me, please! Oh, and you can win a trip to Sydney for Mardi Gras.

A federal judge blocked the most controversial elements of the Arizona
law from taking effect tomorrow. He affirmed that
regulating immigration is the sole province of the federal government. Of
course this means the federal government needs to find a way to regulate

Logo made the formal announcement that they have purchased the first season of 1 Girl, 5 Gays from MTV Canada. I haven’t seen the show,
but it sort of sounds like The Doctors with a rotating panel of gays and a
female moderator. The big bossman: “"We jumped at the chance to give 1
Girl 5 Gays
its U.S. premiere,"
said Marc Leonard, Senior Vice-President of Multiplatform Programming, Logo.
"Our jaws dropped (in a good way) for this bold show that addresses all
the outrageous questions we ask ourselves about sex and relationships – well, not
in the office of course … our HR people may read this.”

Regular bossman Michael Jensen is in Los Angeles at the Television Critics Association
listening to people talk about what we’ll be watching this year. He’s filing his
own reports, but this tidbit caught my eye: Sara
says that CBS didn’t leave her partner out of the press release
for the As the World Turns talk show
replacement The Talk. Turns out Gilbert wrote
her own bio for the show, and she thought a press release was the wrong place to come out.

CBS Chief Nina
was asked who on The Talk was
in the running to be the next right-wing
loudmouth a la Elisabeth Hasselbeck. She said that Sharon Osbourne and Holly Robinson Peete both have right
wing streaks. But at least we know Osbourne is very pro-gay.

The boys of Jeffery
and Cole Casserole
talk to The Bilerico Project about their new season,
wigs (so much about wigs it’s like Sherri
was there), and their beef with Nancy Grace.

Yet another study says that adopted children thrive in households with same-sex parents. I can’t
wait to see what the wingnuts say about this one, or if they just claim it
doesn’t exist.

Gay NASCAR fans can get a special
deal on tickets to the Phoenix race
through Me, I’m just
amazed there are gay NASCAR fans. Actually, I remain amazed that there are
NASCAR fans, period.

Wikileaks may have all sorts of stuff about the war you’re
not supposed to know about, but on Twitter, the hashtag #wookieleaks has all sorts
of things that Darth Vader doesn’t
want you to know.

There’s a theory going around that ABC Chief Steve McPherson, who left his job
yesterday, was let go because he canceled shows before letting them find their
. Some examples cited are local favorites, like Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money.

Howard Bragman talks about his “Coming Out” show for A&E. Right
now, it’s being treated as a special, not a series, which makes me feel a
little better. He says he’s made some calls to people he thinks might be
interested, and he’s received a few calls as well.

Tribune Broadcasting is going to start airing The Bill Cunningham Show on daytime on
all its stations, including the national WGN starting in 2011. I didn’t
know anything about Bill Cunningham, but what I found on him on the web just repetitively says his idol
is Rush Limbaugh. Shoot me now.

In a new interview, Kevin Alejandro calls this season of True Blood “really f**king sexy”.

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