Morning Meme: Britney Spears Reaches Deal For “The X Factor,” Cameron Monaghan Heads To The “Mall,” and a Sneak Peek At “Saturday Night Glee-ver”

In a Hollywood explosion seldom seen, Joe Eszterhas, the screenwriter for The Maccabees, the Jewish historical film Mel Gibson is makingMel Gibson, published a nine-page letter accusing Gibson of being anti-Semitic and just doing the film to fix his reputation. Mel Gibson published a response saying Eszterhas was unprofessional and delivering a late, substandard script (that Warner Bros rejected).

Brian Moylan is stirring the pot again with an etiquette guide for straight people at gay bars. I have to admit though, I tend to agree with him. Back in my party days nothing could clear a dance floor full of shirtless circuit boys faster than some of this stuff, plus mixed drinks on the dance floor? Who does that?

Macy Gray is out with a new album and talking about her support for the GLBT community as well. The money line is “It’s a very powerful community in music. And, we’ve all been gay on occasion, you know?”

Sony Pictures is rebooting Sabrina the Teenage Witch as a live action film. It’s billed as an origin story, with Sabrina more like a superhero. The weird part is that while Salem the talking cat is in the movie, he gets transformed into a prince creating love stories for Sabrina.

This Simple Guide To Dude Crotch Waxing includes an option for peejazzling, which is evidently a real thing.

Cameron MonaghanMy future ex-husband Russell Tovey says he loves corpsing on stage, whatever that is. As long as he doesn’t do it in bed, we’re fine though.

Shameless’ Cameron Monaghan has joined Linkin Park’s Joe Hahn’s movie Mall, which is executive produced by Vincent D’Onofrio.

Please take a minute to go vote for Husbands the Series in the Webby Awards. It’s only one vote per person, so tell all your friends!

The White House, after meeting with gay activists today, says that there will be no executive order protecting GLBT workers with federal contractors before the election.

George Zimmerman has been charged with second degree murder in the shooting death of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin in Florida. He’s currently in police custody awaiting bond.

Britney Spears has reportedly reached a $15 million deal to judge The X Factor next season, with a $13 million salary and a $2 million bonus for performing on the show.

Middle Tennessee State University has produced a 23 minute short film called The Miracles of Honey Bee Hill. It uses child actors and includes a gay wedding between two girls, and it has state Senator Ketron up in arms.

 Chris Matthews met again with gay faith organizations about his continued use of Tony Perkins on his show as a guest, and while he says he believes in an open dialog he understands that there is a case for excluding Perkins and has begun discussions with his producers on the subject.William Levy

Cheryl Burke recently claimed that her Dancing With the Stars partner William Levy has 12-pack abs, which seems impossible. Buzzfeed investigates with a series of modeling photos.

In one of those “duh” studies, coming out to supportive parents is good for your mental health.

The New York Times has a detailed piece on the fate of those four Republican senators that crossed party lines to vote for marriage equality. The good news is that three of the four seem safe in the election, thanks to good fundraising and redistricting.

Oh, Arizona, somebody needs to be named a conservator for your politicians.

Nick Offerman is a serious woodworker, and while he wants to build Amy Poehler a “headboard of infamy” I’m more interested in the large wooden dildo a member of his crew wants him to make.

The average monthly cable bill is expected to hit $200/month by 2020. I know that since I canceled a lot of my premium networks, my cable + internet is still $168/month already, and I’m looking to cut more. How much are you paying/willing to pay for cable?

Critic John DiLeo says “enough with the sad gay movies” in a new book of essays. While he liked Brokeback Mountain, and Milk, he wants something happy. “What I am ready for,” he concludes, “is the movie in which Colin Firth and Hugh Grant get married, or the one in which George Clooney and Brad Pitt adopt kids together, or the drama about Sean Penn and Johnny Depp getting involved in the battle for marriage equality, or the triangular romantic comedy starring Ryan Reynolds, RyaGareth Thomasn Gosling, and Jake Gyllenhaal.”

BBC America is to co-produce a miniseries about the runup to World War II called Spies of Warsaw starring David Tennant.

Robert Spitzer, tired of anti-gay and ex-gay groups misinterpreting his study on sexuality, has asked to retract the entire study. Now it will be interesting to see if the groups remove the citation to his work.

Gareth Thomas is nervous about playing a genie in an Aladdin panto this Christmas. I don’t really understand the whole panto concept, and can’t get a Brit to really explain it to me.

Max from Happy Endings was included in a Salute to Sweatshirt Boyfriends, a concept that is evidently on the rise.


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