Morning Meme: Broadway Bares XX Gets a Theme, Mitchell vs. Pigeon, Magic Candy Wrappers, plus Wookie Lookie

Broadway Bares has announced the theme for Broadway Bares XX is “Strip-opoly” which brings to mind an old
short man with a mustache, but that’s not the logo they’re going with. I wish would send me to New York City June 20. Tickets are currently

The Harmony
procedural drawing tool
is a great time waster – make sure you change
the effects at the top to find the one you like.

E! Online has a ton of information about the storylines for the
Hawaiian episode of Modern Family,
and she’s right – Mitchell vs.
pigeon does sound like it’s the most interesting.

The MPAA says that 3D is the reason that in the middle of the
worst recession since the great depression, they grew box office receipts 7.6%
to $29.9 billion. And thus they can afford to remain hostile to their customers.

Remember that ten second teaser trailer for Twilight: Eclipse I showed yesterday? Our
own Brent Hartinger wrote a full-blown review of the clip over at his
fantasy site If you’re used to the more serious, analytical
side of Brent, you should totally check out his snark.

Possibly related: 9 Lame Vampires Still Cooler than the Vampires In Twilight

Japan’s KDDI cell giant is marketing a software suite for companies that is
downright spooky. Capable of tapping into the cool features of your phone like accelerometers,
it can relay that information to the boss and distinguish say, between the
motion you’d be making mopping the floor versus just walking across it.

My second favorite webcomic
(I read a lot of information on the web if you hadn’t guessed) is Least I Could Do which chronicles Rayne, the most egotistical person on
the earth. His creator was hit hard when Battlestar
ended, and had avoided Caprica
to keep from getting hurt again. But now he’s here to say Caprica is the greatest show in the history of shows, and you
should watch.

Jeffrey Katzenberg,
the “K” in Dreamworks SKG spoke to USAToday
about 3D, his favorite topic (see: record revenues). And someone asked about the hideous glasses. He swears they’re
no big deal, lots of people wear glasses. Back when I used to wear glasses,
mine were not this dorky. How are couples going to ever make out and have
teenage pregnancies if they laugh when they look at their date?

Fast-ratings (which aren’t as important for cable as
broadcast) are in for Tuesday night, and Southland fell 30% from the previous week. But that was against the
season finale of the Matt Bomer hit White Collar, so it’s too soon to call
it a problem.

Marks & Spencer is marketing a candy in the U.K. where
the biodegradable wrapper is impregnated with seeds which grow into Candytuft plants if dropped as litter. They
do encourage you to actually shred and bury them, but that makes a duller

After the Andrew
musical Love Never Dies
opened to pretty much terrible reviews in London, the question is being asked: Can bad reviews kill a musical before it even makes it
to Broadway? Opinion on the importance of opinion is decidedly mixed.

Fox has pushed the release of Wall Street 2 from April to September, but they swear it’s not because it sucks. The thought
is if they can get Cannes to do a major rollout, the film will break huge.
Sure, like that’s going to happen.

Out musician Matt
has announced he is no longer a “Tennman (Justin Timberlake’s label)
artist.” He is now a Tennman/Interscope artist, meaning he has
full distribution for his album When
Everything Breaks Open
. Congratulations!

It turns out one of the major canals on Mars we thought was carved by an ancient river was actually laid down
by molten lava, reducing the hope of finding water for future outposts, at
least in that location. The most interesting part of the story is that you can
actually submit a request to NASA about what part of Mars they look at next.
Budget cuts must be deeper than I thought.

I’m just going to go with the article title and let you react from there:
"Monkeys fly out of our butts: Wizard of Oz to be remade."

Karl Lagerfeld flew in icebergs for his Chanel fashion show. Also included in his fashion show? The Wookie look below.

Obviously a global warming denier.

They have a point.

I live in West Virginia, and I can attest that this is true.

It’s something.

Remember the guy who threw the shoe at President Bush? Well, a Colombian detergent called Blancox has recycled the footage for a commercial.

These Video Game Bosses are just saying what we’ve all been thinking for years. Plus it’s great to take a walk down memory lane.

Box of Shadows is yet another scary movie with a cast of hot young men. In this case they find a creepy wooden trunk that let’s them experience life as a ghost for a time period. But that’s cheating death, and death doesn’t like to be cheated.

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