Morning Meme: “Burlesque”‘s Reviews Are In, Justin Bieber Says “It Gets Better,” Karl Urban Needs Your Help, and More!

So, just a heads up that AfterElton will have a very limited schedule today and tomorrow. You will get a Meme each day, though, but I’ll be filling in for Ed Kennedy, so expect subliminal 80′s references that will haunt your subconscious.

The reviews are in, and as of this writing Burlesque has a 32% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. That’s actually not as bad as I thought, and is certainly better than other holiday fare.
Nutcraker 3D has a perfect 0% going, and if that holds, it’ll join such illustrious company as Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 and Ballistic: Ecks Vs. Severs

Ecks Vs. Severs it’s not, but the Burlesque reviews run the gamut from “The dialogue falls upon the ear like baseball bats,” to “Approximately 10% of you are going to LOVE this movie.” Roger Ebert gives it two stars, writing that Christina has “an unforced charm,” and “Cher looks exactly as she always does. Other people age. Cher has become a logo.” But my favorite critic’s blurb is simply “Is it too much to ask for one wig to get snatched?” Amen.

Vapid vocabulary mangler Sarah Palin apparently tried to shill for mini-me Christine O’Donnell to get a spot on Dancing with the Stars.

In a story reminiscent of The Fabulous Beekman Boys, Australian couple Vincent Cornelisse and Jonathan Duffy decided to leave city life and move to the country. Vincent became the only doctor in the town of Munduberra, and Jonathan filmed the experience for the documentary The Doctor’s Wife.

Egads! I know that opinions of this week’s Glee varied wildly, but has it really jumped the shark?.

Now let me get this straight: A gay teacher can get fired for just mentioning that he’s not allowed to get married, but a straight guy can go to these lengths to propose to a teacher, in the classroom, and that’s perfectly fine?

In what has to score points for originality, if not bat-crap insanity, an expert on carabaos (water buffalo) is suggesting that homosexuality can be caused by stress. Hey, he’s seen in it carabaos, so is it really such a big leap?

Canadian actor/comedian Scott Thompson is interviewed about taking the stage in Beauty and the Beast, working through cancer, and the five women he’d like to dress up as. The Helen Mirren diss is not cool, Scott!

Karl Urban has a lot of fans here, and he needs your help! He’s in the running for Popwatch’s “Under-Appreciated Entertainer of the Year,” but unfortunately they’ve put him directly up against Stanley Tucci. As of right now he has a razor-thin lead in the voting, but you can help widen that lead, and help him move on to the next stage.

So did you get the hidden 80′s reference? It’s not that difficult. Look closely. The first one who gets it will win … my undying love! If no one gets it, I’ll have the answer in tomorrow’s Meme.

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