Morning Meme: Carrie Fisher To TV, Beth Ditto Pops, Sheldon Drinks, and Could “MacGruber” Be … Good?

Derrick Martin speaks out, pterodactyls terrorize Paris, Rainbow Uni-Corns, and Lucas Bryant gets a job.

Wright vs. Wrong,
starring Debra Messing
as a conservative pundit, is shaping up to be the
sleeper hit of the year – and gay faves Cheryl
and Carrie Fisher just
joined as her liberal nemesis and her manager.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about converting 300 into 3D
those abs might be a bit much jumping off the screen.

I first saw a headline that said “Two and a Half Men
” and got really sad, because it’s been almost watchable
lately. But they just meant episodes 23 and 24, which were to be extra this
season. Seems somebody needs rehab more than $1.6 million.

The war on drugs is pointless as evidenced by the fact kids in Wales are taking
something known on the street as meow-meow to get high. What’s it made of? Plant fertilizer. People will always find a way.

This review of MacGruber tosses around a lot
of praise
, which makes me feel that the world may actually
come to an end in 2012. They also seem to think it can make Saturday Night Live relevant again and really talk up the
homoerotic elements of MacGruber’s personality. I’d be fine with that if it also involved
homoerotic elements with his costar Ryan

Those rumors about a spinoff movie of Maleficent might turn out to be true. Disney has hired Linda Woolverton (Alice In Wonderland) to write the live action feature. Bad news is
that might make Tim Burton’s
involvement all but inevitable.

The activists at The Bilerico Project took a look at my effort at
covering the media’s coverage of slurs hurled at members of Congress over the
weekend. They were a little kinder than you were – but they didn’t call you

Nicholas Sparks
writes the books that get turned into movies. Most recently he put out Dear John with Channing Tatum, and now we’re about to have our eyeballs assaulted by Miley Cyrus in The Last Song. asked him if he’d ever write a gay
love story. The answer is probably not, because he doesn’t know if
he could do it well. He also fails to
grasp what he doesn’t grasp.

First Google, then Dell, and now GoDaddy is stopping business with China. How will young
Chinese boys learn about girls using large fake breasts to manipulate men?

Eric Balfour of 24 and Canadian actor Lucas Bryant of Queer as Folk have been tapped to star in the upcoming SyFy series Haven, loosely based on Stephen King’s

Matt Montgomery,
who starred in such queer cult faves as Socket,
is starring in a new production called Finding
Mr. Wright

Buck Rogers is officially a go with Iron Man’s writers  Art
and Matt Holloway
attached to bring the project flying off your screens in 3D. Since it involves
time travel, isn’t it technically 4D? 

Tuesday night’s Southland episode
had Officer Cuddleybear
coming out to Rookieboy while
attending a closeted cop’s funeral jumped 20% in the ratings.

For you knitters, here’s a Dr. Zoidberg ski mask you can make and wear. For you
non-knitters, sew a glove to a ski mask, and you’re done. 

Yesterday we debated the cruelty of dressing animals up in silly clothing. I submit to you that it was still nicer than this haircut.

I love that they left him boots. Shouldn’t skate barefoot.

You know, as a boss in a previous lifetime, I completely agree with this chart. But the funny thing is that what I used to call slacking, I now call working.

Ha! Suck it, productivity!

I recently discovered some old corn-on-the-cob holders in a drawer. Granted, I discovered them when I stabbed myself on a metal tip, but I did find them. Mine are shaped like ears of corn, but it may be time to upgrade to these, which are totally gayer.

Uni-Corn – in rainbow colors!

This dog is ready to go fishing. 

Now we have a sad moment. Veteran actor Robert Culp has passed away at 79-years-old.  He was more famous in I Spy, but to me, he was the government agent in The Greatest American Hero, which was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid.

Gossip, with the fabulous Beth Ditto just released their video for "Pop Goes the World" and it’s totally awesome. Plus, Beth is the cover girl for Paper this month.


I’m still totally in love with Despicable Me, even with Steve Carell voicing Gru, and taking the focus of this trailer taken off the minions, which I totally want for myself. Whether as pets or to help me take over the world, I haven’t decided – I’ve always wanted minions of my own. Just hanging out with them might mellow me out enough to not need to rule over everything.

I don’t speak French, but I’m completely in love with The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec, not to mention that I think this is where the Torchwood pterodactyl came from. Mummies, period costumes, pterodactyls. If it were in English, it would be a $200 million blockbuster.

The Big Bang Theory tried to give Sheldon an award. Turns out he has stage fright, so Penny gave him a glass of wine to calm him down. This was the morning after.

Gay Georgia high schooler Derrick Martin speaks to the press about gay rights, coming out, and going to the prom with his boyfriend. 

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