Morning Meme: Charo Gets a Gig, Carroll O’Conner Killed Edith Bunker, Gillian Anderson Gets Royal, plus Ugly Americans Outtings

Cam and Mitchell are perfect, picturing Shameless, Ryan Kwanten is shamefully clothed, and Green Day is nervous.

I demand an explanation from the British readers for Rowan Atkinson: Why is this man being
allowed to make movies? Is he supposed to be funny? And in this day and age of
sequels, prequels and reimagining, can the U.K. justify a market for Johnny English 2?

The Rapid City Police Department who caused the Don’t Ask,
Don’t Tell discharge of Air Force Sergeant Jene Newsome after
seeing her wedding certificate through a window, has decided to “tighten”
policies about cooperation with military authorities. You think?

If you heard a high-pitched squeal this morning, that was snicks reading that the TV Land Awards will feature an onstage reunion of The Love Boat. Scheduled to
appear to receive the Fan Favorite Award are Gavin MacLeod (Captain Stubing), former U.S. Rep. Fred Grandy (Gopher), Bernie Kopell (Adam ‘Doc’ Bricker), Ted Lange (bartender Issac Washington), Ted McGinley (Ashley Covington Evans), Lauren Tewes (cruise director Julie McCoy), Jill Whelan (Vicki Stubing). As a bonus prize, Charo will join them onstage.

Apple announced the iPhone OS 4.0 on Thursday, and among the
100+ new features is the coveted multitasking of applications. iPhone OS 4.0
features will trickle in some form to all iPhones, but only the iPhone 3GS will get the multitasking. The more common iPhone 3G (which I have 8 months on contract with) will require you to buy a new phone to take advantage of the multitasking features of the software upgrade.”

I’ve really been enjoying reruns of All In the Family
lately. Archie Bunker was a brilliant character
, and the show, for all
the racism, homophobia, and sexism provided brilliant social commentary. So I
was stunned with this video with Carroll
discussing how he dictated the death of Edith Bunker before he would allow the show to morph into Archie Bunker’s Place.

How did Avatar: The Last Airbender get
so Caucasian
? Turns out a casting agency hired by the studio
put out a casting call for white people. The studio is apologizing and working
with groups like the Japanese Americans Citizen League on ways to make sure
something like this can’t happen again.

I’d mentioned the discussion of what is appropriate content
for an activism site had lead to two great activists and friends parting ways
from The Bilerico Project. It was centered around pictures from
Now we find that the founder of the adult site is receiving death threats from
members of the LDS

After 20 years of recycling the same Christmas special, this year The Simpsons
will feel the spirit again
. Marge
in particular will feel the spirit of Christmas in the form of a visitation
from Martha Stewart, who teaches her
the true meaning of Christmas.

Queerty wrote a piece on just how open to gay content
computers at schools and libraries should be. Much of it is common sense –
GLSEN good, Manhunt bad. But then I got to the page on entertainment and media
coverage and saw this:

OMG Blog, PerezHilton. Getting good LGBT celebrity gossip
doesn’t have to come with drippy knobs and cooches drawn in MS Paint.
KEEP ‘EM:, Worthwhile celebrity coverage, plus media analysis done with
wit and style.


Thanks guys – we try.

Popeater has a great little piece on how Modern
’s Cameron and Mitchell
are television’s best couple that
caught my eye, complete with supporting clips from the show. The article is
more clever than it looks on the surface, because they really seem to get how Fizbo and the gas station was
important, and how humanizing it was when they locked Lily in the car.

Gillian Anderson
is set to appear in the Channel  4 miniseries Any Human Heart as the Duchess
of Windsor along with Kim Cattrall
and Matthew MacFadyen.

To all my grammar fiends, please go check out Girls with Slingshots. I blame autocorrect on the

Flying coach class is getting more and more cramped.

This seemed oddly profound.

We told you yesterday that Showtime had picked up Shameless USA for a series order. Today Showtime released two pictures from the series.

William H. Macy needs to look more wretched.

Yesterday snicks gave you one of three Details covers featuring the True Blood hunks. I give you Jason Stackhouse.

I have the other cover – do you want to see it this afternoon?

What? I’m on a diet.

I saw this picture and wondered what type of park this Exxon was near.

Tina Fey gives us the obligatory Saturday Night Live promos. I have high hopes she can make Saturday worth staying up past 9pm. Yes, I’m boring.

This week’s Ugly Americans on Comedy Central had Mark and Randall on a roadtrip to visit Randall’s parents. Randall’s parents don’t know he’s a zombie until Mark inadvertently outs him. This sets up a chain of events where his parents have to come to grips with their son’s lifestyle choice. It’s an interesting satire, and I wish the clip had the other minute, but you’ll get the point.

Ugly Americans Weds 10:30pm / 9:30c
Randall’s Parents
Joke of the Day Stand-Up Comedy Free Online Games

Hank Azaria talks to MTV about the Smurfs movie, and his role as the wizard Gargamel. He doesn’t actually tell them anything, but he does talk about it.

MTV also sat down with Green Day to talk about their Broadway premiere of American Idiot. It sounds like out frontman Billie Joe Armstrong had his own way of dealing with the jitters that come with a new show.

And I went back into the vaults for Weezer‘s "Keep Fishin’" video for obvious reasons – it makes me very happy. What? You thought this column was about something else?

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