Morning Meme: Cher Comes Out Swinging For Chaz, Auditioning For the “Wonder Twins” Movie, and NPH Gets Animated – Again

Cher is in full
Mama Grizzly mode over the haters who are trashing Chaz on the message boards for Dancing With the Stars. She’s taken
to CherTwitter to rally her followers and to talk about how brave it was for Chaz
to put himself out there like that. Incidentally, here are the pairings for the celebrities and the professional dancers.

Speaking of hateful things, Rep. Michele Bachmann will publish a memoir about “her roles as a tax
attorney, a wife, a mother of five and a foster mother of 23.” Just in
time for the Christmas shopping season we get an alternative to the lump of
coal for kids who have been naughty!

Wall Street trader Scott
is making news after hiring a helicopter for $7,000 to bring
him and his family out of a damaged area of Vermont back to New Jersey, and then
telling the media he did it because “I wasn’t going to wait for the state
or federal government. I can’t trust them, because I know I’m not a priority.”

In a bold move, President
Barack Obama
petitioned Congress for a joint session to address his jobs
plan on President Barack ObamaSeptember 7th, which coincided with a Republican debate. It would have
had him looking presidential on every channel while his opponents sniped each
other on MSNBC. But Speaker Boehner told the leader of the free world September
7th didn’t work for him, so Obama caved and moved to the 8th – opposite the NFL
season opener.

Which leads us to Barack, can we talk?

Canada has issued a warning that “fresh sperm” purchased
over the internet may not be safe from STDs. Ya think?

Unless he was exchanging sex for letting a criminal off, can
someone tell me why a cop getting caught on surveillance cameras having sex
outside is news? Beyond out Puritan issues with sex, that is.

David Weston has written a book called Covering McKellen: An Understudy’s
, and Sir Ian is
endorsing it with a full throat.

Bryan Fischer,
the public face of the American Family
, fresh off calling for the criminalization of homosexuaFrom Hollywood to Dollywoodlity
last week on his radio program, is upping the ante. He now wants a fine for anyone who has unprotected homosexual sex. I can
just imagine the enforcement.

In order to get his virally marketed film Red
eligible for Oscar consideration, Kevin Smith reveals he not only had to book a one-week run at a
theater, he also had to take out $10,000 in newspaper advertising, because
those are the Academy rules.

Atlanta’s Out On Film
is being held
over the next 10 days
, and features locally disputed films such as Judas
and From Hollywood to Dollywood.

Neil Patrick Harris
is not only getting animated on Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, he’s also
reprising his role on The Penguins of Madagascar for Nick,
playing the evil Dr. Blowhole, a
cybernetic dolphin.

Michael Eisner’s
VuguBaneru company will release their Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell film on
September 20th, the day the policy is officially repealed. It’s based on Marc Wolf’s award winning play Another
American Asking and Telling

Meanwhile, Google will let service members overseas have free Google Voice calls to their loved ones. All it
takes is registering a .mil email address.Olivia Munn

Tom Hardy is
aware of the criticism of casting the 5’9″ actor to play the hulking Bane in Dark Knight Rises. But he
appreciates the passion and is ready to rise to the challenge of the role, even
if he can never meet diehard fan expectations.

The U.S. Department of Justice has filed an anti-trust lawsuit to stop the AT&T/T-Mobile

Just to keep the “no homo” factor going in Magic
, Olivia Munn is in negotiations to star as Channing Tatum’s love interest in the film.

Starz is most likely picking up Da Vinci’s Demons, about the early
years of the Renaissance genius. The show will likely skip pilot and go
straight to series. The big question is that Da Vinci is widely believe to have had same sex lovers, so will
they show that?


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