Morning Meme: Cher Is Back In the Studio, Adam Lambert In the Club, and Mickey is Epic

Plus Jake and Anne make penis jokes, Jay-Z is rich, and Sherri Shepherd doesn’t find The View to be much work.

So Cher is starting work on a new album, and she says it won’t be like
Believe, it will have real
instruments. As she says, “guitars and stuff like that.”

Mad Men is letting
January Jones’ cleavage moonlight as Emma
in X-Men: First Class.
This is officially the best looking cast in the history of movies. And possibly
the largest.

Dr. Laura, in the
middle of a nasty controversy over using the n-word eleven times in a segment
last week has announced she’s ending her show at the end of the year, when her
contract is up. Elegant. She also says she wants to “regain her First Amendment
rights.” Why do right-wingers always scream First Amendment and free market in
opposition? Because advertisers not wanting to be associated with her is not a
violation of the First Amendment.

JetBlue has brought back their All You Can Fly for $499/$699
from September 7 until October 6. I wish I could afford all the hotels that
would be involved in that. Or that JetBlue flew into an airport within 300

Craigslist has always taken a lot of heat for their Adult
Encounters board, even if they police it better than most services. But
their current defense
“We’re not as bad as eBay” is somewhat weak. But if Attorney General Brown in California
wanted to latch onto it in his battle with anti-gay “family values” Meg Whitman, founder of eBay, that
might be nice.

There’s a new Glee FM
radio station in Oxford. That’s right, they play nothing but songs from Glee. That’ means they currently have 80 tracks, and repeat
about every four hours, every day. This counts as a business model?

We finally know why Sherri
doesn’t bother researching anything for The Viewshe only works 16 hours/week, and “only” makes $54,767/month.
That’s right – she gets $855/hour to spout dangerous information about HIV to
the entire country. I also hear she’s picking up something more her speed, Carni Wilson’s old job hosting the Newlywed Game.

While it’s impressive that Jay-Z made $63 million last year and tops the hip-hop list, it’s even
more impressive that Lil Wayne made
$20 million for the #4 slot, and he’s been in jail for almost the entire

SyFy has picked up Eureka
for a fifth season, so maybe Vincent
will get that last name after all
. I’m not holding my breath for a

According to my horoscope over at, Fred, Velma, Scooby and Shaggy are dead.  I’ve always
been more of a Daphne.

The 10 Dumbest Maggie Gallagher Quotes. I was around her for 40
minutes, and I have no idea how they narrowed the list down to ten.

With any luck at all, the Democrats will seize on the huge
$1 million donation Fox News parent News Corp. made to the Republican Governors
Association to prove Fox News is bankrolling the Republicans and is not a legitimate
news organization. There are signs that they may see the opportunity.

Gay bloggers complain too much, according to the White
House. It’s hot in here. The grass used to be greener. That music is too loud.
Is that what they mean, because I do whine a lot? Seriously?!?! The White House
can’t take being called out on their lack of fierce advocacy, and now they want
to complain about the messenger?

President Obama
isn’t making friends on his trip to the West Coast. In Los Angeles he created a
traffic jam that nearly broke Twitter. In Seattle, a temporary restricted airspace for his visit was
by a small private plane. Two F-15 jets were scrambled out of Oregon producing sonic booms heard across the region. I’ve seen F-16’s leave an alert
hanger, the doors exploding open and the jets taking off perpendicular to the
runway when I was stationed at Langley. It’s a sight to behold, and the boom
happens far sooner than you expect it.

And just for fun, Gawker has Big Brother houseguest Lane
quite obviously pleasuring himself in the shower while
trying to hide the motion by cleaning his ears. Can’t hide his facial
expressions though, and the directors knew what they were filming, because
there are multiple camera angles.

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