Morning Meme: Chord Overstreet Heads Back To School, Jane Lynch Tackles a Book Store, and Ross Matthews Breaks Out

From high school to grade school! I knew the Glee
kids were older than their characters, but news that Chord Overstreet is set to play Brick‘s
Chord Overstreetelementary school teacher on The Middle makes me wonder how he
got through college so fast.

Disney fired Marvel’s marketing department. Pretty much the whole thing. And yet the people at Warner
Bros. responsible for Green Lantern still get paychecks.

Clive Barker took
to Twitter to make sure the world knew that he has nothing at all to do with the new Hellraiser: Revelations.
” Hello, my friends. I want to put on record that the flick out there
using the word Hellraiser IS NO F**KIN’ CHILD OF MINE! I have NOTHING to do
with the f**kin’ thing. If they claim its from the mind of Clive Barker, it’s a
lie. It’s not even from my butt-hole.”

What happens when kids bring up same sex marriage? Well, for one thing,
they’re probably not asking about sex, even if the parent is thinking they are.
“There is nothing loaded about this for kids … it is loaded for parents,
as it challenges our ability to discuss our own feelings … we are all victims
of the attitudes and worlds in which we were raised.”

One of the charms of Jimmy Kimmel Live is that it comes
off as a family operation. So it’s a sad day indeed when Uncle Frank passes away at the age of 77.

The National Organization for Marriage is normally quite
crafty in their messaging, never coming out as hard line bigots in the
mainstream. But lately they’ve been crossing over a lot more, including
making their second direct “link”
between homosexuality and
pedophilia in the last Isaiah Mustafaweek.

It looks like Oxygen has decided that Paris Hilton’s moment has passed, and won’t be renewing whatever reality show she’s been on this
past season.

Isaiah Mustafa is
going to bring his sexy self to the new Charlie’s
. He’s going to play a police detective who was once engaged to
angel Kate. No word on whether there will be an ab-off with Bosley.

Jeremy Piven
blows. Well, his new show does. He’s producing a reality show about glassblowers. It pains me to say it,
but this I might watch. I can stand and watch glassblowing for hours, and
always wanted to learn. I don’t live far from the famous Blenko Glass, and have been to a lot of exhibitions elsewhere
as well.

I know you need to add new words to the dictionary as the
language evolves, but I’m not sure how I feel Jon Cusack Say Anythingabout removing words, especially words that were probably
invented in my lifetime, like “cassette player.” Seriously, have we
moved beyond that?

Paul Clement is
getting federal tax dollars to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court. And
he submitted a horribly homophobic brief in the case of Edie Windsor. Some of the citations he uses are from Professor Lisa Diamond, but that
doesn’t mean Diamond is happy about it. She submitted a brief to the court saying the Clement
“misconstrues” “distorts” and “incorrectly
characterizes” her work in his filing. If I have to pay to have the government screw me over, can’t I at least get my money’s worth?

While it’s not practical to get an infinite number of
monkeys on an infinite number of typewriters to sit around and eventually
create Shakespeare (have you tried to find that many typewriters lately?!?!), you can use virtual monkeys and cRoss Matthewsomputers to simulate it,
and save big time on bananas. It turns out it may take longer than one thinks.

Indiana’s anti-gay Republican state  Rep. Hinkle will not resign his seat after being caught buying an
18-year-old rent boy. So just to be clear – text your junk to an adult and
you’re a Democrat, you have to resign. Be an anti-gay asshat Republican and
illegally hire a barely legal boy for sex, and you get to keep your job to end
of term?

Ross Matthews was
adorable, funny, and charming hosting Chelsea Lately Monday night, and it
was a way to announce he’s going to develop his own talk show for E!


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