Morning Meme: Chris Colfer Addresses “Glee”‘s Same-Sex Affection Controversy, Alex Pettyfer Joins “The Butler,” and Adam Lambert Rehearses With Queen

Alex Pettyfer, straight off his butt baring turn in Magic Mike, has joined out director Lee Daniels’ The Butler. Alex PettyferHe’ll be portraying Thomas Westphall, who meets Forest Whittaker’s character early in life and has a defining influence on the man who would serve eight presidents.

For no reason, here’s a picture of a dolphin jumping with an octopus attached to her nether regions.

CBS Syndication has signed a deal to bring Arsenio Hall back to late night television, starting in fall 2013. The show has already been cleared in 52% of the markets including Tribune stations in all major markets.

This is billed as the Ultimate Collection of Gay One Direction GIFs, but I know at least on shipper that scoffed at how many there were. I have no clue if even one of the guys is gay, but they are ridiculously affectionate with each other, and the repeated reach back to fondle each other’s crotches really boggles me.

North Dakota has a ballot amendment for their constitution that would require the government to have a “compelling interest” to “burden” a person whose actions are driven by a religious belief and must use the “least restrictive means to further Anderson Cooperthat interest.” Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and gay rights groups are scared, but the Roman Catholic Church is thrilled, and huge sums of money are pouring into the state to pass it.

Anderson Cooper has been known to get sassy with people on Twitter who deserve it, but I didn’t realize that it was a regular thing with him. These are some of his greatest hits.

John Taft is a Minnesota Republican and a very wealthy money manager. He’s also leading the charge against the state’s amendment to enshrine discrimination into the state’s constitution, building bridges and alliances with major employers to oppose the measure. “My goal is to have several hundred high-profile business executives declare themselves in opposition to the marriage amendment sometime between now and the election. And I am very confident we are going to be able to do that.”

A new study says that federal and state governments provide an annual $71 billion subsidy to churches by not taxing their incomes, ostensibly because they do charity work. But the study also shows that in many cases, 71% of church incomes go to salaries for employees that aren’t taxed like the private sector. If you look at the Mormon church’s 0.7% donation to charities from its annual income, totaling $1 billion from 1958 to 2008. In contrast, WalMart donates $1.7 billion in food charities every single year.

PBS is going to give David Geffen, the out music and film pioneer, his own American Masters special November 20. Geffen is responsible for such musical acts asDavid Geffen Joni Mitchell, Aerosmith, and Bob Dylan. He was the one that got Risky Business made, and helped fund and found Dreamworks. He’s been out since long before it was fashionable, and gives a ton of money to AIDS charities. He’s rumored to be the one who handed a wad of cash over to AIDS activists to put the giant condom on Jesse Helms’ home. This is somewhat unique, in that American Masters seldom focuses on the business side of creativity.

In what has to be one of the most WTF? Letters to the Editor in history, an Ohio man is insisting that the state change from the Buckeye State because he discovered that the buckeye tree is bisexual, having both male and female organs. I can’t figure out if he’s serious, or making a joke, but according to him, “it’s shameful and unacceptable that a bisexual tree should represent us! We are flaunting the Holy Bible!”

Dharun Ravi is set for early release from his 30 day sentence in his role in the invasion of privacy of Tyler Clementi. He’ll get out after serving only 20 days. Both Ravi and the prosecution are appealing the conviction and sentence.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Give a DamnCyndi Lauper’s Give a Damn campaign has just released a series of shirts you can buy designed by celebrities such as Alan Cumming, Chelsea Hander (one of hers I could never wear), Jane Lynch and Idina Menzel.

Here are some pictures of Adam Lambert rehearsing with Queen.

George Takei was a Boy Scout, and as an adult has been honored by the Boy Scouts. But he’s furious with the group over their anti-gay policies, and will be joined in his car at NYC Pride by Jennifer Tyrell, the ousted lesbian Scout Master.  “I was a Boy Scout, and I have wonderful memories of my Boy Scout days and we had no issues like what has come up in recent times. I’m saddened and shocked by the policy the Boy Scouts have.”


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