Morning Meme: Chris Colfer Gets Crazy, Anne Rice Wishes Gays Happy Easter, and Sofia Vergara Is a Hit on “Saturday Night Live”

Over the weekend in Australia, Zac Efron was snapped on the balcony of his hotel room shirtless, digging around in his pants, and later, after a shower, he may have displayed one perfectly shaped,Zac Efron tanned butt cheek to the photographers. Or not, according to some. But let’s keep the fantasy, OK?

Anne Rice, fresh off a hilarious interview with Stephen Colbert, posted an Easter message to the gays on her Facebook page. “Happy Easter, Gay People of the World: you have indeed risen in the last few decades from centuries of persecution and oppression. May this be a great holiday for you all wherever you are. You are winning the battle for equal rights. And your victory over discrimination and hate is a victory for all oppressed persons. Happy Easter!”

In the UK, The Sunday Times took the anti-marriage position, putting itself in opposition to The Times, which came out for equality last week.

Bully fell 36% in its second week in limited release but still grossed a healthy $12,464/screen take.

Meanwhile, The Hunger Games topped the box office again, pulling down another $33.5 million, besting American Reunion with $21.5 million, and Titanic 3D with $17.4 million, which isn’t shabby for a rerelease.

Vanessa WilliamsNo, Boy Scouts, that’s not racist. Not at all. Please note the sarcasm dripping off that.

Vanessa Williams opens up in her new book about being sexually molested by an older female family friend when she was 10 years old.

The Sydney Morning Herald has a fairly good piece on the ex-gay movement in Australia, how it’s shrunk and been debunked by many who have attempted to change their sexuality. I personally enjoyed the quotes around “healing” in the headline.

PinkNews has a commentary piece from a 20-year-old about gays not being interested in a traditional relationship. My personal experience is that in the places he’s looking, that’s entirely true. You need to expand your scope beyond the club scene if you want the picket fence.

In an interesting move, former MPAA Tech Officer Paul Brigner has come out against SOPA and PIPA and in favor of protecting the internet from censorship.

Veteran CBS News reporter Mike Wallace has passed away at the age of 93.

Jason Trawick is to join Britney Spears’ father as one of her conservators, gaining control of her “well being” but not her fortune.Jason Trawick

Malaysia is moving to ban all GLBT characters on television, saying it’s outside the norm in a religious society. They’re also committing funds to research reparative therapy.

There are some vague spoilers out about the upcoming season of Downton Abbey. Most are predictable, but one is worrisome, if expected.

Jonathan Groff is set to star in the L.A. premiere of Red starting in August.

Speaking of theater, Vulture didn’t care much for Ricky Martin in Evita.

Chris ColferQueerty has an interesting round up of eight incredibly wealthy gays, what their pet causes are, and if they’re single.

Chris Colfer talked a little about his upcoming screenplay, in which he wrote a supporting part for himself. “This next one is definitely a genre change for me. It’s not set in the high school world. For the first time, it’s something I had to do a lot, a lot, a lot of research for before I started working. It’s a period piece that takes place at an asylum in the early 30s. It’s interesting because while I was doing my research I met with a UCLA professor to talk about different disorders and conditions of asylums back in the day and I got so many suggestive looks on the Glee set because I would have all my books with me.”

And plan your day accordingly, because snicks is liveblogging Days of Our Lives on Tuesday. Time to think up excuses to call in to work.

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