Morning Meme: Chris Colfer Joins “8,” Liam Hemsworth Is a Little Squirrely, and Kevin Keller Starts Dating


Bless Liam Hemsworth, and thank heaven he’s pretty, because his fascination with squirrels makes him come off kind of well, judge for yourself when he sees one. “Look! It’s like a Liam Hemsworthcartoon,” he squeals. “You’re not real!”

The Colorado civil unions bill passed out of a committee last night on a 5-2 vote. A similar bill failed last year.

Just in time for the Oscars, a bankruptcy judge has ruled that Kodak can back out of the naming deal it has for the Kodak Theater. It’s unlikely the owners will have the signage changed before the ceremony next week, but it does set off an interesting dynamic since the Academy has veto power on a new sponsor.

Blabbeando has the details on Verde Verde, the first gay-themed film launched officially in Cuba in seventeen years. Warning: The trailer is very NSFW.

I don’t know how it’s legal for the NYPD to have stopped and frisked 684,330 people last year, over 90% of whom were innocent, and 87% of whom are black or Latino.

Michael Ian BlackMichael Ian Black is never serious, but still, most straight guys wouldn’t say something like this, even in jest. ““I am so comfortable in my sexual skin right now that if somebody wants to stick something up my ass, that’s fine. Just give me the drugs. I’ll be fine. I guess what I’m saying is, I will willingly trade drugs for gay sex.”

Again, I do not get Marina Abramovic’s “art.” She sits and stares at people for hours without responding. Employees at the DMV have been doing that for years. Now she plans an upstate New York museum space where people who get so bored by her art can be wheeled into a sleeping room until they wake up. Most performers would consider that a bad thing.

Aretha Franklin has reportedly been asked to sing at Whitney Houston’s funeral. It’s hard to argue with the queen of soul, but maybe they should give Amber Riley a chance too, because she nailed it on Glee.

If you recall last week, there was an uproar over regulations that would have fined your $1,000 for throwing a football or Frisbee on a Los Angeles County beach. It now seems that the laws were always there, but hadn’t been enforced in over 40 years. They’re now being rewritten to clarify the meaning, but you and your hacky sack are safe.

George Clooney isn’t as much of a movie star as he appears. He makes the movies he wants to make, but does it for pennies compared to his peers. And he’s not all red carpets andGeorge Clooney paparazzi. He “makes his home on the ‘wrong’ side of the Hollywood Hills in a comfortable but unpretentious Tudor-style Studio City estate; and watches ESPN and Modern Family as well as everything from The Soup to Jersey Shore. In other words, his life is disturbingly like yours.”

Religious group Faithful America marched on Rockefeller Center in New York City to deliver 20,000 signatures on a petition for MSNBC to stop having hate group leader Tony Perkins on the network to speak on gay or religious issues.

Eliza Coupe says that her scene with a shirtless James Wolk wasn’t precisely in the script. ” We were just supposed to take his shirt off in that scene, and then I, of course, got very uncomfortably close to him… What’s funny is that there’s a scene where Damon’s coming down the stairs and I’m like basically groping this man, and when they yelled, ‘Cut,’ Damon was like, ‘You should really just put your hands all over him.’ And I’m like, ‘Okay. Done and done.'” I wouldn’t have needed outside encouragement.

Does anyone have a spare $50 million I can have to build a roller coaster that simulates zero gravity? Because I really want to ride it.

Matt BomerMatt Bomer was sexy even in high school. It doesn’t seen quite fair that he didn’t have awkward teenage years.

I didn’t blog about these awesome underwater dog photos last week when I saw them because I thought they were just a little too esoteric. But now they’ve gone beyond mainstream, and they have a dramatic back story as well.

Kevin Keller’s new ongoing series comes out next week, and it will find him navigating life as a gay teen, even in idyllic Riverdale. So the problems are never that rough. But he will have gay friends and tackle dating, so at least he won’t be the only gay in the village, and that’s truly remarkable if you think about it. He’s going to have a prom issue, and spend the summer working as a lifeguard, so we get to see what kind of abs they can draw.

As if the star power for Dustin Lance Black’s production of 8 wasn’t high enough, they’ve now added Kevin Bacon, John C. Reilly and Chris Colfer to the cast. Colfer is going to play Ryan Kendall, who testified about his experience being sent to reparative therapy by his parents.

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