Morning Meme: Chris Colfer Works On Kurt’s Love Life, Boy George Follows Through, and Russell Tovey Action Figures

Though it sounds like bad news, it’s actually excellent. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ condition has been upgraded to “serious.”

Ten years after a fan sent him a Culture Club album to autograph, Boy George found it, signed it, and sent it back. Better late than

When I started writing for, I think they
despaired of ever breaking me of putting two spaces after a period. I was
taught that in typing class in the 8th grade, and after 25 years,
found it difficult to change. But the problem is evidently huge.

Actress Susannah York
passed away at age 72
. She played everything from Superman’s mother to Beryl Reid’s gay lover in The Killing of Sister George (1968).

I was concerned when I began reading this piece on Mel Brooks’ History of the
World Part I
and how it treated gay characters. I don’t think it’s fair to
judge that film by contemporary standards. In the end, they decided that the
humor, while non-PC today, was smart enough to excuse the slurs.

When you start your argument with “this is not intended to
disrespect or devalue anyone who professes to be homosexual” you’ve pretty much
already disrespected everyone who “professes to be homosexual.”

ET is going to air the first footage from Sherlock Holmes 2 on Tuesday. And in the preview they chose to go
with scenes of Robert Downey, Jr. in

Russell Tovey has
revealed that he’s auctioning himself off in support of the Terrance Higgins Trust this spring. He was originally just
going for dinner, but now he wants to know what he should add to the package to raise
the bids. My ideas aren’t PG-13.

The National Organization for Marriage’s Brian Brown thinks the Department of Justice is trying to lose the
appeal of the Defense of Marriage Act. We should be so lucky.

Out Canadians from Scott
to Rick Mercer think that banning the use of “faggot” in Dire Straits’ “Money for Nothing” is
counterproductive censorship. I also learned that Edmonton is considered the
Texas of Canada, and not in the good way.

Lance Bass will team with Grammy winner Mona Golabek to tell through song and music the story of Golabek’s mother, who was separated from her family and sent to America on the Kindertransport in A Holocaust Story Told In Music and Word, March 1st.

This photograph breaks the dark black lump of coal where
normal people have a heart. This is why dogs rule.

Utah ups their game against Texas in the asshat elected
official game. State Senator Chris
wants to pass a state law that repeals Salt Lake City’s
anti-bullying law.

Chris Colfer had
this to say about Kurt’s love life
: “We’re working on it.” He also makes a
few other things clear that might count as spoilers, so click over.

Ryan Murphy says that Anne Hathaway intercepted him on the way to the bathroom to ask to come on Glee as Kurt’s lesbian aunt. “She presented the whole episode. She came up with the songs. I love her and would definitely be interested.”

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