Morning Meme: Chris Colfer’s Cut “The Hunger Games” Tribute, George Michael’s New Music Video, and Getting To Know “Dallas”‘s Josh Henderson

On a programming note, snicks will be liveblogging the adventures of Will on Days of Our Lives today at 1 PM EDT.

And on a local note – if you’re looking for 2012 Hot 100 results, hang tight. With over 90,000 name vote entries and a new website gallery feature we’re introducing this year, it’s taking us a bit longer than in past years to get our ducks in a row. Target date for publication of the rankings and photo gallery is on or shortly after Monday, June 25th.

Ryan Lochte, the Olympic swimmer, is being packaged as this year’s Olympic Sex Symbol by marketers. They’re all Phelpsed out after 2008, and Lochte has the abs and the all-American Ryan Lochtelooks to sell products. He’s also got a hip-hop edge with a fondness for Lil Wayne and fashion design.

Karl Lagerfield has a kitten. His kitten has two maids, a Twitter account, and a journal of 600 pages of his exploits, and is adept with an iPad. He’s obviously now leading the evil conspiracy to take over the world and enslave humans.

Former Attorneys General Meese and Ashcroft have filed amicus briefs opposing the Obama administration refusing to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, saying he is shirking his duty, and that the briefs filed by the Justice Department in favor of overturning DOMA should be given little to no weight in proceedings.

Apple kicked off their WWDC by introducing shiny new things, from MacBooks to iOS6. The new iOS6 brings us their own maps, deep Facebook integration that actually scares me, and a neat thing called Passbook that will keep your boarding passes and gift cards handy, even bringing up your Starbucks card when it senses you walking into the coffee shop. The mentioned a new iPad (which I need, mine is wearing out) but didn’t provide any Dharun Ravidetails.

Dharun Ravi’s lawyers have filed an intent to appeal his conviction on bias crimes in the death of Tyler Clementi. Both sides are now appealing the case, with the prosecution appealing the meager 30 day sentence.

Police say that Lindsay Lohan lied to them about her car crash, which could end up having her probation revoked for her shoplifting deal. Maybe the ghost of Elizabeth Taylor is trying to stop the movie? I do recall before she passed she said that no one would ever play Elizabeth Taylor but Elizabeth Taylor.

A Catholic school in Minnesota has fired a teacher who responded to a questionnaire that while she supported marriage equality, she would keep those views out of the classroom. I get that religious schools can get away with this kind of thing, but at what point do they realize the PR nightmare, and when do liberals start calling them on it, like when they claim we put adoption agencies out of business?

Here are 22 things you need to know about the sexy Josh Henderson before Dallas starts airing Wednesday night. I was unaware that he had heterochromiaJosh Henderson, but I probably never looked up from the abs at the eyes, because I’m that shallow.

George Michael was spotted filming a new music video in London, complete with LAPD police cars. It appears he gets shot in the video, and somehow live zebras are involved. Has anyone else noticed how hot zebras are lately?

The Palm Springs ShortFest is set to honor Gus Van Sant with their Spirit of the Short Award.

Just when you thought they had run out of toys to make movies about, Sony has announced plans for a film about Tonka trucks.

Remember the sighting of the Iron Patriot on the set of Iron Man 3? Well, breathe easy, because evidently that was just a patriotic version of the Warhammer armor.

Buzzfeed got tired of everyone posting pictures of hot girls at music festivals, so they made a hot post of the men of Bonaroo.

Somehow, after a day of watching tennis in a pub with his wife and daughter, UK Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife got in separate cars to go home and left their 8-year-old daughter at the pub. The staff found her, but had to wait until the Cameron’s realized their mistake and called, because you probably can’t just ring 10 Downing and say you have the Prime Minister’s daughter. How does she not have her own protection detail?

If you want to bFrank Cadye a champion burper, you’re going to have to beat the new title holder , who managed 18.1 seconds. I’m pretty sure I beat that in college after a beer bust.

Caiden Cowger is back, defending his comments on a new YouTube channel after his internet radio show was canceled, and whining about the First Amendment, which he obviously doesn’t understand. Maybe they’ll explain it to him when he gets to high school, though as I’m also a product of the West Virginia education system, I remember that in 8th grade civics.

Sadly, Frank Cady has passed away. I remember him well as Sam Drucker on Green Acres and The Beverly Hillbillies. He was 96.

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