Morning Meme: Chris Evans Is Best Actor, Boy Scouts Hit a Snag, and Sigourney Weaver Tears Up About Gay Rights

That squeal you heard last night was snicks when he read the press release that Mega Python vs. Gatoroid will premiere on SyFy Jan 29th.
If you recall, this is the SyFy Original movie with 80’s pop princesses Debbie Gibson and Tiffany in a Dynasty-esque

Meanwhile, the squeal you heard this morning was also snicks when he read this and found this
link to
Linda Carter’s Rock ‘N Roll
. Whatever her producer was on, I wonder if you can still get it?

Kevin Bacon has
confirmed that he’s playing the man with the awesome name, Sebastian Shaw
in X-Men: First Class. But somewhat disappointingly he says he doesn’t do many
action scenes, leaving that for the “younger actors.”

In a list of “wasteful spending” by Congress, it’s revealed that we spend $175 million each year
maintaining empty Veteran’s Administration buildings. That includes an “octagonal,
pink monkey house.” Which begs the question of why there was an octagonal, pink
monkey house in the first place. But I really want to see it.

Larry David’s thank
you letter for the tax cuts
that were just passed for the rich is truly a
thing of beauty. Why is it that comedians are better at policy than
politicians? First John Stewart with
the 9/11 Responders, now this?

Here are Twelve Things You Didn’t Know About A Christmas Story. I’m a little disturbed at the thought of Jack Nicholson.

Bret Easton Ellis
has a weird screenplay (what other kind would he write?) about a bunch of people being held hostage in shark infested
waters. It’s been kicking around for years, but it might be closer to getting
made now.

I know this is a tragedy and a serious medical situation,
but the news that Zsa Zsa Gabor’s
husband Prince Frederic von Ahalt accidentally used her nail glue as eye drops and awaits
surgery to open his eyes made me laugh. Then feel bad about laughing. It’s not
that I find the reality of it funny, but it’s something straight out of an Owen Wilson/Jim Carrey movie from 15 years ago.

The United States successfully added sexual orientation back to the United
Nations resolution banning reasons you can’t kill people. It was dropped from
the resolution in committee last month.

The city of Philadelphia has been locked in a battle with
the Boy scouts of America over their free rent of a building they built on city
land years ago. The Boy Scouts don’t allow gays in their reindeer games, which
violates the city charter. But when they went to evict them, the BSA sued,
trying to have it both ways as a private group who gets to discriminate and
gets free use of public property. The city was going to sell them the building
to avoid legal bills after losing one round, but now a philanthropist made a better offer and wants to
give it to a gay group. Checkmate?

Rod 2.0 has a great summary of most of the Don’t Ask, Don’t
Tell news, including the fact that the Pentagon wants to drag out implementation
for at least a year. The United States Air Force can deploy an entire base -
fighters, supplies, buildings, a PX, airstrip, barbershop, and a German beer
garden to the middle of an empty desert in 48 hours (personal experience story,
I kid you not), but stopping the discharges is going to take a year? I call

The Other Evans Brother made Best Actor for the list of Comic Book Movies over at MTV
for his turns in The Losers and Scott pilgrim vs. the World.

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