Morning Meme: Chris Evans Strips Down For Anna Faris, Keith Olbermann Counts Down His Return, and Teddy Will Return

Several shows that are popular around these parts got
renewed yesterday
Vampire Diaries, Supernatural,
Next Top Model
, Gossip Girl and 90210 are coming back,
which means between the last two, we should get 14 minutes of gay representation
for their combinedTrevor Donovan seasons.

In Minnesota, Republicans are taking steps to constitutionally ban marriage equality. But what caught my
eye was down in the comments, “Democracy! Bah! Whenever I hear that, I reach
for my feather boa!”

Darren Criss spends his down time on set with Max Adler and Dot Marie
, who both crack him up. But in his personal life, there’s no down
time, and after filming wraps and the tour is over, he’ll be working with
Starkids, writing music before returning to Glee in the fall.

My favorite rumor-busting site, Gossip Cop, is moving their brand of fact-based journalism to a
television pilot
. Lead cop, founder, and utter class act Michael Lewittes will executive
produce. True story – I once briefly complained about a story on Gossip Cop on
my personal Twitter, and Lewittes tracked me down to discuss it.

Over the weekend Internet sensation Antoine Dodson was arrested for possession in Alabama. He was arraigned on Tuesday, and the local paper reported “YouTube
sensation Antoine Dodson’s first appearance in municipal court Monday featured
no outbursts you could dance to and was otherwise unremarkable.”

The Senate Democrats have the necessary votes lined up to pass the Respect for Marriage Act out of
committee, but Katie Couricthat’s as far as it’s likely to get anytime soon.

Katie Couric announced her intention to leave the CBS Evening News.
Tellingly, she didn’t announce it via the CBS
Evening News
, but through People.

The Oscars have set a date for February 26th next year, putting
to rest any idea that they would move earlier into the awards season to become
less predictable.

Harrison Ford is not a fan of all the CGI in movies. He liked the days when
if you fought an army, there was a close shot with a dozen soldiers taken over
and over. Now, the enemy stretches beyond the horizon, and he thinks that’s a
bad thing.Harrison Ford

The BBC is producing a new supernatural series called The
. There’s nothing same-sex explicitly in the press release, but
there’s something in the reading that makes me think there will be.

If a gay judge in a relationship should be disqualified from
ruling on Prop 8, and if marriage equality is damaging to classical marriage, wouldn’t an opposite married judge also be biased?

The prom spoiling extra says she wasn’t even on the set that
day, but says she can’t get work on any Fox show, and that she’s
been dropped by multiple agencies. She also claims that if Brad Falchuk hadn’t flipped out, no one would have believed her.

Keith Olbermann’s
new show on Current will launch late spring, and it will be called Countdown
with Keith Olbermann
, and will air at 8PM. I Keith Olbermannsuppose if it’s not
broken, why change it?

Moscow has approved
their first pride march
. A compromise was made limiting the size of the
march, and a date has been set.

The BAFTA TV Award
nominees are out, and there are a lot of gay favorite shows in competition,
from Graham Norton to Glee
to EastEnders
(well, all the soaps) to Being Human (with Russell Tovey).


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