Morning Meme: Chris Kluwe Quits Newspaper Over Marriage Amendment Support, Julie Brown Spoofs Victoria Jackson, and “Partners” Spoofs Brandon Routh

Tom Daley has the third best selling calendar of the year in the UK, despite being for 2013Tom Daley and only being released a month ago. So who’s topping Daley? One Direction holds the number two spot, while the top slot is held by Justin Bieber.

The Talk’s Aisha Tyler will be guest starring on Glee as the mother of the younger Puckerman, Jake. That should make for an interesting family dynamic.

The latest positive indicator for Mitt Romney’s campaign is that the Redskins lost this weekend.  For the last 18 elections, if the Redskins won the home game before the election, the party that was in power stays in power, but if they lose, the other party takes over.

Kylie Minogue says that she’s working on her new album, and while she may embrace her inner Ibiza, she hopes to bring songs like “Flower” that are more personal into the mix.

Russell ToveyThe Independent on Sunday has released their annual Pink List, and topping the list is British boxer Nicola Adams. The Pink List is always a bit of a challenge to an outsider with the marriage of celebrities, personalities and politicians that an American may not be as familiar with, but I take umbrage at the fact that my future ex-husband Russell Tovey has dropped from 49 to 64. Gareth Thomas has also dropped into the list at #19, having been a judge last year.

This news is a month old, but I must have missed Lance Out Loud, about PBS star Lance Loud, written by his mother Pat Loud. Despite the period, it sounds like Pat never even blinked at her son being gay, or the life he lived in New York, with Andy Warhol and his band playing CBGB. “I went to CBGBs several times. Lance’s band The Mumps was one of first bands to play at CBGBs.  There was Blondie, Talking Heads, The Ramones – I saw all those bands.”

Chris Geidner spent quite a bit of time in the lion’s den, interviewing the National Organization for Marriage’s Brian Brown, who sounds like he’s in it for the long haul, regardless of public opinion on marriage. Even if they start losing votes, they’ll continue to fight. “There’s no reason we can’t go back. This is never over. We’re not giving up any ground. Ever. We’re going into Iowa. Why are we spending all these resources in Iowa. We’ve never hidden it. We want to defeat the judges, and we want to have a constitutional amendment. And, guess what? Mike Gronstal is about to lose. He’s not going to be Senate leader. And we’re going to get a vote in Iowa. And the whole notion that we’re somehow in a containment mode will be done. We’re going into Iowa, we’re gonna get a vote, and we’re gonna win the vote. And, people can say that this isn’t gonna happen, but it is.”

Chris Kluwe has announced he will no longer blog for the St. Paul Pioneer Press Chris Kluweafter the newspaper released an editorial that claimied to be neutral on the issue of the marriage amendment in that state, but was obviously worded to support the amendment banning marriage equality. Kluwe said the editorial attempted “to confuse people through obfuscation and selected presentation of arguments.” As for the paper, they’re not happy about losing Kluwe, noting “[Kluwe’s] ’Out of Bounds’ blog has occasionally brought six-figure page views.”   

Buzzfeed has a collection of pictures of what appears to be a nude James Franco, covered in various colors of paint, and the bed he rolled around on to create “art.”

Modern Family has tapped Elizabeth Pena to play Gloria’s mother, having previously named Stephanie Beatriz as her sister. I wonder if her family is as bold as Gloria?

Orlando CruzA hedgehog got trapped in a potato chip bag and required a two and a half hour rescue involving six people. If you’re wondering how it took two hours to remove one of the world’s cutest animals from a crisp bag, he’d evidently fallen behind a railing, requiring the rescue charity to cut the railing to get to the little critter.

Jorge Pazos, the boxer defeated last month by openly gay boxer Orlando Cruz waves off concern that he was defeated by a gay man. “I fought an Olympian,” he says. “I fought Orlando Cruz.”


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