Morning Meme: Chris Kluwe Stands For Equality, Homer Simpson Supports Mitt Romney, and the “West Wing” Is Walking and Talking Again

Coronation Street actor Charlie Condou, who has two children with his boyfriend, says that Rupert Everett is a bit out of touch. Charlie Condou“Rupert is a bit of a gay dinosaur. The problem with sniping gorgeously from the sidelines is that, er, one can end up sidelined.” Jeez, if he’d called him fat too, he would have managed the trifecta of gay insults.

Chick-Fil-A is still anti-gay, and still supporting anti-gay groups. So I hope you got your fill of hate chicken (my day job coworkers call it that) during the 24 hours when we thought they had changed.

Grindr decided to engage on the Paris Hilton AIDS comments. It’s not a way we would do it around here.

Paris HiltonOne of my favorite columns at Buzzfeed is Career Confidential, where they get the anonymous inside scoop from different jobs. This week it’s from the bouncer at a gay club, who says that yes, you can bribe the doorman, but you can’t pass a fake ID, and that guys at straight nights at his club are much more likely to throw a punch.

A few months ago we wrote about the young adult novel Stranger, which featured a gay character, and a lesbian couple in the supporting cast. It made news when a literary agent told the authors to drop the gays if they wanted it published. This story has a happy ending, as Viking Penguin will be publishing the book, with all the gay that authors Rachel Manija Brown and Sherwood Smith intended.

Richard Branson says that Virgin Galactic is just the beginning, and that he’d like to find himself living on Mars before he dies, even if it’s under fairly harsh conditions. He also says something I find remarkable, which is that he likes to create interesting ventures, then make them pay for themselves at the end of the year, which is a novel idea for a successful businessman.

Sure this yarn sculpture is a bit NSFW, but is it also gay? Because it looks that way to me. Also, I have now just asked if a yarn sculpture is gay, which is something I didn’t know was on my bucket list until I actually typed it.Don't Ask Don't Tell

One year later, how many soldiers have left the military since open service began? Only two are known, meaning the sky isn’t’ falling.

The latest Canadian census highlights the decline of marriage for straight people, bemoaned by the conservative National Post, with an uptick of same sex marriage of 181%, and it’s mostly from younger couples.

Trey Songz calls his female fans Treyz Angels, but he’s perfectly fine if you call his male fans Angels as well, which is actually pretty awesome.

Cats are lazy freeloaders who just want to live on the public dole.

I’ve always been amazed at how rowdy soccer fans are globally, storming the field, throwing things, and generally mucking things up. But throwing a live grenade onto the pitch, as happened in Iran, is a whole new level. A player grabbed it and tossed it to the sidelines, where it exploded moments later. The rest of the game was canceled. Rugby players would have kept going.

Chris KluweMinnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is back with another letter, and it’s a bit of tear jerker as he recounts meeting a high school coach recently who told him that his words for equality will save children’s lives, causing Kluwe to throw down the gauntlet in a RED TINGED MUSHROOM CLOUD that he will stand for equality. I can’t wait to find an occasion to wear my #5 jersey.

The good news is that they’re writing a new Looney Tunes movie. The bad news is that they hired a former Saturday Night Live star to write it.


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