Morning Meme: CNN Discusses Roland Martin, Dolly Parton Wants Kristin Chenoweth To Play Her On Broadway, and George RR Martin Gives Children Nightmares With Story Time

Spartacus’ Peter Mensah is joining True Blood as Kibwe, a Chancellor for The Authority who works towards mainstreaming. Hopefully he doesn’t spend all his time in suits in front of cameras.Peter Mensah

On February 19th, Lance Bass and George Kotsiopoulos are hosting Hollywood Rush, to benefit the Dragon Fund of the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, which funds youth programs with a focus on crystal meth dependence. Writing teams (like Chad Hodge) begin the day before the show and have 12 hours to produce six 10-minute plays, which are handed off to directors (like Peter Paige) and actors (Barrett Foa and Yeardly Smith) hours before going live in front of a packed house. Our own Louis Virtel is going to be covering the red carpet for

Dolly Parton is still working on a musical about her life, and hopes to get it to Broadway one day (honestly, the way Dolly mints money she could probably buy one of the few theaters if she wanted to). She even has an idea about who should play herKristin Chenoweth – but they’d have to add some padding up top!

The Parent’s Television Council is targeting MTV’s I Just Want My Pants Back, saying it’s vulgar. According to the PTC, episodes have already had a prelude to a foursome (does anyone know the genders and confirmations?) and had a girl request, um, backdoor stimulation during sex. Peter VackThey’re making a unique threat of calling advertisers and “All of MTV’s advertisers, including Dr. Pepper, T-Mobile and Toyota, will be asked if foursomes and a woman who tells her sexual partner to ‘stick a finger in my a**’ are an accurate reflection of their hard-earned corporate brands.” Pants airs at 11 PM, on cable, and the daytime reruns are sanitized versions.

Over at Blabbeando, Univision’s Miguel Tamayo talks about Glee’s awkward treatment of Latin stereotypes.

In one of those stories that’s destined to become a Hollywood movie, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer was robbed at machete-point while vacationing in the Caribbean.

I don’t know whether I’m fascinated or profoundly disturbed by Dr. Seuss Taxidermy. I suppose my dreams tonight will tell the tale.

Michael Bay is going to direct another Transformers film. Because Hollywood hates us.

Shawn Ashmore, twin to Warehouse 13’s Aaron Ashmore, is dipping his toes into television with the Kevin Williamson serial killer cult pilot. MuchShawn Ashmore like his twin, he’ll be playing a junior federal agent.

Super producer Scott Rudin is now a rare beast – he’s an EGOT after picking up a Grammy as part of the team for The Book of Mormon.

Speaking of Grammy wins you missed, Steve Jobs, Betty White, and Louis CK were all winners last night too.

They actually make iPad games for your cat. Seriously people, do not give them technology or they’ll hack into the nuclear launch codes.

Tonight, Glee is unwittingly paying tribute to Whitney Houston, as Amber Riley sings “I Will Always Love You” for the Valentine’s Day episode.

A new breeding program is aimed at keeping moderate Republicans from going extinct.

AdeleAdele says that she’s done with breakup albums. “I’m done with being a bitter witch.” But she’s also, over time, come to think that maybe her ex does deserve some credit. “For ages I was like, As if he deserves any f–king kudos for inspiring my record. But now, after some time, it only seems right that the person who so far has had the biggest impact on me — has now changed my life for f–king ever with this album — deserves a little credit.” I doubt she gives him the royalties he wanted.

Rep. Michele Bachmann is upset that Howard Stern raked her over the coals for her anti-gay stance. I’m always amazed at how amazed I am at how thin skinned these bigots are.

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