Morning Meme: Courtney Love Feels “Raped” By “The Muppets,” Starkids To Tour With APOCALYPTOUR, and “South Park” Takes On Bullying

While it’s not clear if Ryan Gosling himself was involved, yesterday 200 plastic eggs were hidden around New York City and clues to their whereabouts tweeted out. Finding an egg got youRyan Gosling a picture of Gosling and a very Gosling-esque quote. Was the patron saint of NYC pedestrians trying to brighten everyone’s day?

Starkids have announced a new summer tour, APOCALYPTOUR, May 9-June 10th, along with a new musical production on their YouTube channel called Holy Musical B@man.

In a new online poll at The Consumerist, EA has been voted the Worst Company In America, beating out Bank of America and WalMart for the honor.

Tom Hanks is getting serious about playing Walt Disney in a movie about how Disney badgered P.L. Travers over 14 years to get the rights to make Mary Poppins.

Andy Cohen sayBen Kingsleys that he was in bed early Saturday night and missed his send up on Saturday Night Live until the next day, but thought “It was funny as hell.” But the money quote on the skit was “On a scale of Clint Eastwood to Paul Lynde, I always thought I was a little more on the Clint Eastwood side than the Paul Lynde side.” Sure you are, Andy. Sure you are.

Iron Man 3 is reportedly pursuing Ben Kingsley to play the villain, whoever it is. The film supposedly draws on the Extremis series and involves nanobots.

Disney will release Maleficent, starring Angelina Jolie as the Evil Queen, with Elle Fanning in talks to play Princess Aurora, on March 14, 2014.

Officer Cuddleybear will continue to patrol the streets, as Southland nears renewal. The main sticking point seems to be how many episodes for the season, with Warner Bros. pushing for 14, while TNT wants ten.

If you’re been on social networking sites in the last week, you’ve seen the instant meme form around Ridiculously Photogenic guy, whose real name is Zeddie Little. Photographed grinning in a marathon, he’s become the Nyan Cat of the year, and he’s got a sense of humor about becoming an instant celebrity.Zeddie Little

The Obama campaign released a statement opposing the constitutional Amendment banning marriage equality in Minnesota. Basically the same quote as was used in North Carolina.

Facebook dropped a billion dollars to buy Instagram, bringing together the two things in social networking that I hate more than Rick Santorum. Seriously, people, a sepia filter does not make you artistic, and it totally screws up pictures.

Reigniting the argument of whether media outlets should quote hate speech or censor the act in the name of decency and politeness, CNN reporter Susan Candiotti read a Facebook post, verbatim, live on air that contained the phrase “fu*king ni**er”  when discussing a potentially racially motivated murder. Yes, I understand the irony that I just used asterisk to censor something that I think reporters should say. I believe in reporting the words of hate fully so that it comes through to the viewing audience. My only defense is that I’m talking about the report, not the murder.

A new Tennessee bill is being described as a “family life instructions bill” and defines holding hands as a “gateway sexual activity” that violates abstinence only education. In ten years, I expect teen pregnancy rates in Courtney LoveTennessee to have skyrocketed.

Surprising no one, The Dark Knight Rises received a PG-13 rating, despite the expected violence and blood the film would have. The MPAA is so frustrating at times.

Courtney Love is furious at the Muppets for having used “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in The Muppets. She claims she didn’t give permission for the song to be used, but Love sold Kurt Cobain’s catalogue to Primary Wave, which granted permission, as did Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic. Love actually goes so far to call the use of the song in the movie “rape.”

A group of Colorado State football players beat the crap out of some freshman while yelling gay slurs. (The victim doesn’t appear to have even been gay). Colorado State has suspended three football players while the investigation continues.

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