Morning Meme: Crowdsourced Edition

Sorry folks. What with Ed Kennedy traveling to my neck of the woods for a debate on gay marriage between Maggie Gallagher and Andrew Sullivan, there was just no way for him to produce his usual Morning Meme. But we know how you love Ed’s brilliantly curated daily compilation of internet odds and ends, so we’re asking for help crowdsourcing today’s edition! Got a link, video, hot news item, etc. you think other readers would enjoy? As long as it’s P.G. rated, please share in the comments!

For those feeling nostalgic, here’s Ed’s take on what the world was talking about one year ago today: The Morning Meme, April 5th, 2011. And for more recent entries you can check out the entire Meme Archives.

I do have a few items to get the ball rolling…

More details on drug paraphernalia found in Whitney Houston‘s hotel bathroom.

HBO has announced True Blood will return Jun 10th. With Christopher Meloni on board, we’re pretty excited around here for the show’s fifth season. Here’s Meloni in a recent Funny or Die video. He’s headed to the Congo to hunt down Kony.

Sons of various Beatles are attempting to form a band. Don’t tell Yoko – she’ll try and break them up.

Where will you be in ten years? Hopefully this hopeful high schooler will be gay married – but he got kicked off the stage by his Vice Principal when he expressed that dream during a student assembly.

Electronic Arts has apparently received “thousands of letters” complaining about all that gay stuff in Mass Effect 3. Almost all those letters are from Florida where the Florida Family Association has set up an email campaign. FFA complains that if Mass Effect 3 can have gay stuff, what’s to stop the game maker from adding gay characters to, say, Star Wars: The Old Republic? The FFA’s biggest nightmare?  “Darth RuPaula, a combination of Darth Vader, one of the most popular Star Wars characters, and RuPaul, the renown transgender cross dresser.” — Okay, first, I don’t think RuPaul Charles is transgender. Second, I would so pre-order that game!

Just a bit of site news: We’ve corralled our own Brian Juergens into recapping Game of Thrones for us. He’ll start that next week. To tide you over until then, here’s ten minutes of Tyrion slapping his vile nephew Joffrey. So satisfying.

Note: Ed did jump in with a few images and videos. Sometimes he can’t help himself.

Could it be that Josh Hutcherson wasn’t always as cool as he is now?

If this is how Jake Shears feels about the new Scissor Sisters song “Only The Horses” premiering on BBC1, I can’t wait to see what the album premiere makes him feel like.

Is Jake one of the last rock stars?

David Burtka at his anniversary dinner with Neil Patrick Harris

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