Morning Meme: Cruising Cheyenne Jackson, Urgent Smurf Updates, Skinny-dipping with Hugh Jackman, plus Tiger’s New Sponsors

Plus, Lady Gaga loves her little monsters, but she’s not welcome at MoMA, Chelsea cupcakes, Glee rips off Friends, and Lea Michele likes puppies!

amfAR’s “Cruise for the Cure” this summer through the
Baltics will feature none other than
hunkadunk Cheyenne Jackson
. Here’s hoping for a lot poolside swimsuit

Showtime has picked up Shameless from pilot to full series. The American version
will star William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum, and was set in Baltimore
the last time I looked. I’m normally not in favor or converting series to an
American setting, and I’m still not sure how this translates, but the talent is
brilliant, and with it being on Showtime, they can actually take things further
that the original.

Somebody check on Kathy
mom, because I’m sure she’s distraught.  Thomas Angove, the
Aussie inventor who gave the world wine-in-a-box
, has passed away at
the age of 92.

There’s been a lot of discussion on the death of gayborhoods
over the last few days, sparked by a straight man mourning the heterosexuality
of his former gay enclave. Gawker has responded
with a set of rules
straight people moving into gayborhoods for their part of the social bargain. I
hate agreeing with Gawker, but I’m gonna – Dupont Circle was enormously
important to my formative years as a little gayling. It’s quite heterosexual at
this point. But I had friends who remember when Georgetown was the gayborhood.
It’s forever migrating east.

Also from Gawker, they noticed what we’ve
been saying for a couple years
– gay teens like Marshall, Justin, and
Kurt are having a great moment on television, and the sky hasn’t fallen.

Urgent Smurf Update:
Anton Yelchin, who we yesterday reported was going to star in the Fright Night remake has
signed on to voice Clumsy Smurf
, while Saturday Night Live’s Fred
has agreed to voice Brainy,
which isn’t a stretch. Plot summary says Gargamel
(Hank Azaria) chase the Smurfs from their world and they tumble into Central
Park. They must find a way back while evading Gargamel. Isn’t that a
convenient MacGuffin?

Wisconsin recently passed an admirable law requiring age appropriate sex education. Now a District Attorney is threatening to prosecute teachers
who comply with the law – for felony delinquency of a minor. Somebody is running for

Lady Gaga tweeted
her support to the teenager sent home from school for
the “Lady Gay Gay” t-shirt. She loves her little monsters, and I think I love
her just a little bit more for this.

David Byrne wrote a rambling blog entry where he off-handedly
mentioned a conversation with MoMA curator Klaus
. Biesenbach evidently told Lady Gaga to her face that she wasn’t
a performance artist, after she asserted she was. It’s a close call, making the
gays choose between MoMA and Lady Gaga, but I’m going to go with the lady
supporting gay teenagers.

McDonald’s Germany is going to be offering cupcakes for
dessert named after different New York City neighborhoods. Each has a poster with
a description, and a picture of a person they think is indicative of the neighborhood.
There are males on the posters for Chelsea and the East Village. Go look.

Jackman’s ideal date includes
skinny dipping on Bondi Beach. Meet you
at midnight.

The Bilerico Project has joined the call for CNN to answer for Kyra Phillips’
with Richard Cohen with an open letter from a disillusioned fan.

Yesterday Queerty wrote a disdainful piece about meeting a
younger friend of a friend in a social situation. I found it a classic example
of why our community has lost its history. OMG Blog wasn’t nearly so kind.

In one of those media disasters that happens when a bunch of
hip, New York City media types get together, New York Magazine’s
back page Approval Matrix feature
is being turned into a Bravo series
that is likely to be so arrogant and disdainful, no one outside the island of
Manhattan will understand they’re being insulted.

George Carlin’s wife is going to release all of his unaired
comedy bits
. I wonder how many of them can be said on television and

Because I love you and want you to feel like a kid again: Treehouses!

This hamster did not like the alarm clock this morning.

True Blood has released another poster. I’m assuming the undead version of ENDA passed?

It was brought to my attention on a social networking platform that the recent Rolling Stone cover with the cast of Glee might not have been all that original.

Yes, it was the same photographer.

I’m sure the background is Photoshopped, but Good Morning!

These are most definitely not for kids.

This lube ad is about four years old at this point, but is still making the rounds. I’ve never seen anything quite this dirty used as advertising before.

When you see it…

I love you all, I swear.

Iron Man 2 is really trying too hard on the fake viral thing. Now we have a Sunday-morning-news-show commercial for AccuTech, the weapons division of Stark Industries.

Glee‘s Lea Michele loves puppies, and not in a creepy, Cruella Deville way. She’s recorded this PSA for PETA. That puppy is so cute I almost thought she had Chris Colfer in her arms.

Lea Michele for PETA
Find out more at

And for our daily dose of humor, we have the Bristol Palin abstinence PSA. Coming from anyone but her, touching on points slightly different than these, I might applaud it. From the daughter of Sarah Palin, I just can’t take it seriously.

You might have heard that Tiger Woods is playing golf again this weekend. The news is barely covering it, of course. Tiger lost a lot of sponsors when it was discovered he acted like a young man worth a billion dollars. SlateV put together a couple of possible replacement sponsors in a mockup, first Coors Light.

But the Ambien is so much better as a commercial

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